I have had actually someone sell me $375 for it and also I’ve viewed nothing yet prices end $1k online, every the way up come $3k. Can anyone help with this?

Was also advised not to check this gun, as contemporary ammo would certainly be attention



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Hello Dan

First, i recommend that you refuse to sell at the ridiculously low price.

Your design 1893 was made after 1899 and also before 1905. If you it is provided the serial number (located ~ above the bottom tang), I can probably small that down rather a bit.

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This octagon barrel version 1893 rifle appears to be totally original and in fairly fine condition. The pitting ~ above the barrel, loss of finish and nicks in the stocks reduce its worth somewhat and also keep the from being in the peak tier that collectible arms. However, i would put the minimum price at what in the $900 come $1,000 range.

The .30-30 Winchester cartridge is a reasonably low push round and that hasn"t changed in "modern" ammunition. Presume the mechanics of your rifle work properly there is no factor in the human being to refrain from shoot it. I have one of this age and have shot it a lot. It has actually taken numerous heads of deer over the years, consisting of my eldest son"s an initial buck.