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Jeep cool Cherokee double Zone mix Door Repair

March 6, 201010:43 amdennisb - Auto device SalesAir Conditioning, Consumer, DIY, just how To Auto Repair, Jeep


NOTE – since this post was composed Jeep has actually discontinued this repair. We have the alternative kit available which is similar. Ours kit makes the doors work-related together as one remove the opportunity of ever before having to eliminate the entire instance to access the behind actuator. The updated variation we sell uses the front, easy to access motor just behind the gloves box to control the door. Please verify yours is broken before ordering. See the kit currently for sale at the complying with link. K6855685AB Alternative. *Please don’t order based upon symptoms alone. Please verify this is her problem prior to ordering.

Tools required for the repair room a Philips screwdriver, a shop vacuum, drill and drill bits, 8″ slip share pliers, grease pencil or white crayon, grease and also wax remover and a tiny knife. Ns recommend using a warm knife instead of a drill to reduced the case. By making use of the hot knife, no plastic shavings will loss into the case and also there will be much less clean up required. Of course using a hot knife calls for caution not to damages surrounding wires underneath the dash. If offered carefully, it’s much much easier to make the forced cuts as opposed to making use of a drill as the Chrysler instructions direct. The fix is excellent in the area behind the glovebox – so an initial start by removed the glove box to gain access. After that is removed, unplug the temperature sensor and also blend door actuator motor. Keep in mind that the plastic that is reduced away will certainly be re-used! take it time and outline dimensions carefully since the cut-out portion will it is in put back into ar after the repair. The directions room all had on the PDF instructions detailed at the bottom the this auto repair article. Castle will also be included with the fix kit as soon as purchased in ~ the dealership.


Here are a couple of extr pictures the the fix area. An alert the plastic 1/2 way inside the case, this is called the inner web and also it will NOT be re-installed.


Work will all be done in the car with the glove box removed.

The links listed below are “how to” instructions which are contained with the repair kit purchased indigenous the dealer.

Blend Door fix PDF web page One

Blend Door repair PDF page Two

Blend Door repair PDF web page Three

Blend Door repair PDF web page Four

Blend Door repair PDF page Five

Blend Door fix PDF web page Six

Blend Door repair PDF web page Seven

Blend Door fix PDF web page Eight

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