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I tried to look through and find a thread around this, i discovered one, but it was so old, every the pictures that to be posted with it to be gone..So, I need to take mine lower and upper bumper off, have the right to i take it the upper off and also the lower come off v it, or execute they need to come turn off separate? just how do i do this?

Never took of the bumper however only stop the reduced valence top top is the bummper so take that off valence coem v it. The anwsers component of your concern lol



Might be various on one "03...but mine is 4 bolts and unplug the fog lights.Open the hood, 2 bolts on every side over the frame and also lift it off. The bumper sheathe wraps about on each side, look in ~ it before you traction it off, you have to transition the unit earlier and soon so the releases. It"s awkward however not real heavy. Like I said, mine is a 2003, yours is a tiny different. :huh:
on height of the bumper mount there is 4 bolts you deserve to remove those then take the valance off it is therefore much much easier that way
Yea, ns don"t have actually fog lights..YET for this reason at least I don"t need to gain up under there and fool v all that. If I can take the top bumper off with the lower still attached, that would certainly work, due to the fact that I setup to change them both.If you have the right to see that in this pic here, the reduced bumper watch a little wavy, ns can"t call if it"s the paint, or not. But, LMC has actually the bumpers for like less than 100 bucks, and I love ordering new
You need to remove 8 bolts in total. 4 indigenous the optimal in the red square boxes and also 4 native underneath where the arrows room pointing at.
Also if you have the 98/00 2 item bumper you will have to remove the plastic rivots from within the fender well area. 3 on every side. They go through the fender right into the inside fender fine plastic.Or just transform the front finish to 2001 increase one item bumper favor mine. This is the 1 item bumper you deserve to see all the points they use to attach. Keep in mind this is simply the bumper cover.
haha yeah, i have.Found a bumper for 30 bucks.. And then it"s 100 dollars shipping.. So it comes the end a little much more than ordering indigenous LMC.
but lmc might include extra 20 because that extra large packaging thats ontop of over there shipping already which if ns remember ideal is 20 or 30 top top the bumper it can be a little much more though
Lol, I can take the bumper turn off my dak in much less than 10 mins, the been off so many times.For a 99, I"m pretty sure its the same as mine 2000.Open the hood, look at down, drown the 4 bolts (2 on every side the the radiator). Lock are vast ass bolts top top both political parties in former of the radiator, can"t miss out on them.Then crawl under the truck, look at the bumper and you"ll watch a parentheses on one of two people side the are connected to the frame rail. Undo the 2 bolts stop the bracket to the frame, and do the very same for the other side.There might be plastic clips connecting the inside fender come the lower component of the bumper, yet I don"t remember.After that, simply yank that off.Flip it end (so you"re seeing the back component of the bumper, not the front) and you"ll view a bunch the 10mm bolts. Drown those and also the lower part falls turn off nice. That is a PITA to do.

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call the police again and tell them a donuts truck flipped and also they will certainly be there before you hang up the phone.