Look increase the fuse assignment and also relays because that the S and CL Class. If you discover a swollen fuse, change it through the very same color. The S and also CL course use the fuse types shown here.If you require the right fuses form for your Mercedes , you have the right to order a crate of 120 fuses for less than $10 ~ above Amazon, see link here.

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In the S CL class, these fuses are situated in the adhering to places:

Fuses 1 though 27, Relays A B C D E F G H i J : space in the engine compartment left next / driver side. Open up the hood and look alongside the hood hinge top top thedrivers side. Remove the black color plastic cover and you will view these fuses.

Fuses in the engine compartment of W220

Fuses 28 through 49, Relays O N M l K space in the engine compartment on the right / passenger side. Open up the hood and look for the black plastic cover right beside the hood hinge on the passenger side. 


Fuses 50 come 77, Relays Q R S T U: are located in the fuse and also relay crate under the behind seat on the passenger side. Remove the behind seat and also you will watch these fuses and relays. 



Here is the list of the fuses on your S / CL Class. Together I mentioned over some the the slots might be empty. Your automobile will not have every single fuse in this list.

Fuse NumberSystem
F 9, F 46ABC suspension
F 13, F 80Adjustable mirror, left
F 39, F 80Adjustable mirror, right
F 3, F 4, F 78Adjustable steering column
F 9, F 32, F 46Air suspension
F 32Air suspension compressor
F 60Antenna booster
F 51, F 78, F 80Anti-theft alarm system
F 33, F 47, F 82Automatic temperature control
F 13, F 39Automatic dimming exterior mirror
F 77Automatic dimming interior mirror
f33Blower motor AC
f24Car audio system
f23CD changer
F 83Central regulate unit
F 62Central locking
F 86Cigarette lighter, front
F 72, F 74Cigarette lighter, rear, left/right
F 76Cool box
F 78Cruise Control
F 81, F 84Diagnostic socket
Electronic fuseDipped beam headlamp, left/right
F 36, F 80Distronic
F 77Dome lamp
F 13, F 64Driver seat adjustment
F 13, F 64Driver seat heating
F 64Driver chair ventilation
F 11, F 60Electronic toll fee Collection
F 30, F 44, F 87Engine fan
F 29, F 30, oder F 43, F 44 oder F 87, F 88ENGINE EMERGENCY STOP
F 29, F 30, F 43, F 44, F 78, F 87, F 88Engine administration unit
F 13, F 39, F 72, F 74Entrance lights
F 2, F 34, F 80ESP
F 13, F 39Exterior mirror indicators, left/right
F 28Fanfare horns
Electronic fuseFog lamp, former left/right
F 13, F 39Folding exterior mirror
F 39, F 66Front passenger chair heating
F 66Front passenger chair ventilation
Electronic fuseFront next light, left/right
F 52, F 91 *Fuel pump
F 77Garage door remote control
Electronic fuseGlove compartment light
F 80,Hazard warning system digital fuse
Electronic fuseHeadlamp clean system
F 40Headlight – selection adjustment F 40
F 13, F 39Heated mirror
F 41, F 80Heater booster
F 49Ignition coils
F 78Ignition lock
F 79, F 84, F 85Instrument cluster
F 63Interactive seat
F 13, F 77Interior mirror adjuster
F 77Interior activity sensor
F 58Keyless Go
Electronic fuseMain beam headlamp, left/right
F 77Makeup mirror
F 22Navigation system
F 75, F 80Parktronic system
F 39, F 66Passenger seat adjustment
F 13, F 39, F 62, F 72, F 74Power locking
F 13Power window, motorists seat
F 13, F 39Power window, passenger seat
F 13, F 72Power window, rear left
F 13, F 74Power window, behind right
F 77Rain / Driving light sensor
F 77Reading lamps
F 69, F 68Rear air conditioning
Electronic fuseRear fog lamp
F 62, F 80Rear head release
F 62, F 72. F 74. F 80Rear head restraint adjustment
F 67, F 72, F 74Rear seat adjustment
F 67, F 72, F 74Rear chair heating
F 67Rear chair ventilation
Electronic fuseRear side lamp, left/right
F 50, F 80Rear home window blind
F 53, F 82Rear home window defroster
Electronic fuseRegistration key lighting
F 13, F 57, F 62Remote closing and also locking stems lid
F 13, F 62Remote tribe lid release
Electronic fuseReversing lamp
F 19, F 71, F 73Seatbelt pre-tensioner
F 64, F 66Seatbelt comfort fit system
F 17Seatbelt locking system
F 77Sliding/tilting sunroof
F 25Sound system
F 35, F 78Steering wheel heating
F 78Steering-column module
F 16Stop signal switch
F 59Taxi
F 18, F 61Telephone systems/emergency call
F 70Tire press monitoring system
f54, F 55, F 56Trailer coupling
F 55Trailer strength supply
F 37Transmission control
F 38, F 62Trunk internal nonlocking switch
Electronic fuseTrunk light
Electronic fuseTurn indicators
F 23TV/Rear TV
F 61Voice control system
F 5, F 78Windscreen wipers
F 10Windshield washer system
F 1Wiper recess heating


Front side (marker) light left/rightGlove compartment light

Hazard (flasher) warning system

Headlamp cleaning system

(High) main beam desk lamp left/right

(Low) dimmed beam light

Front fog lamp – left/right

Rear fog lamp

Rear next (marker) irradiate left/right

Registration plate lighting

Reversing lamp (back-up lights)

Tail lamp left/right

Parking lamp left/right

Turn signal flasher lights

Trunk light

Turn indicators

RELAYS Relay Letter – Description

A Wiper heating, end positionB Binding article 15C Binding short article 15 RD Steering tower jacket horizontal 1E Steering shaft jacket horizontal 2F Recirculating pumpG Wiper rate 1 / 2H Wiper ~ above / OFF i Steering column jacket upright 1J Steering pillar jacket vertical 2 Relay in engine compartment, ideal No DescriptionK Motronic / ChassisL ChokeM Diesel control systemN secondary air pumpO waiting suspensionP Horn Relay beneath rear seat, ideal No DescriptionQ rear blindR Tow – away protection EDW S Binding post 15T Fuel pumpU Rear window heater Relay in engine compartment , only 12 cylinder / AMGV MotronicW Coolant pump charge airX Fuel pump AMG

Below is a chart of the colors and also the corresponding amperage.

Fuses color and amperage look at up.

The S and CL course have constantly been Mercedes-Benz flagship vehicles. They always have had the most progressed technologies on lock at the time of production and the W220 was no different. They have so plenty of electronics the it is difficult for fuses to blow. Store in mind that under normal procedure of a certain circuit the fuse wouldn’t blow. Therefore if you discover a blown fuse and it blows again soon after you replace it climate you should look because that an basic problem to the equivalent circuit. Us have detailed the list below which need to cover every 2000-2006 CL and also S Classes. If you find any discrepancies please leave a comment at the bottom the the page.

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The best means to test fuses is to eliminate them and also do a intuitive inspection. Friend will check out a broken wire in between the 2 terminals if the blown.