The 8th generation Mitsubishi Galant was created in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and also 2005 and has been yielded worldwide. In some countries it is likewise known as Mitsubishi Legnum and also Mitsubishi Aspire. In our material, we will display a description of the fuses and also relays that the Mitsubishi Galant 8 v box diagrams, your photos and also locations. To mark the cigarette lighter fuse.

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The design of the blocks might differ and also depends top top the year the manufacture and also the level of equipment of the an ar of delivery of your Mitsubishi Galant 8 American, Japanese, European , etc.

Wrong generation or diagram not suitable?

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Passenger compartment fuse box

Located in ~ the bottom the the dashboard behind the gloves compartment.

For example





130A boil rear window and heated next mirrors
230A Heater pan motor
315A control units (ABS, ASC, automatic transmission, engine, AYC *, engine and automatic infection *)
410A SRS manage unit; Relay-interrupter because that direction indicators and alarm
510А manage units (automatic transmission, ETACS, engine (4G93)); instrument cluster; reversing lights; navigating system; pulse generators (automatic transmission)
610A Remote regulate receiver door locks control; navigating system**; DS3 audio mechanism **; Radio ice recorder; CD changer; MMCS mechanism display; side mirror manage system; Clock; Amplifier of one audio system.
715A tobacco lighter
820A Windshield wiper and also washer; Rear home window cleaner and also washer; ETACS system manage unit.
910A ABS control unit and also relay control, ABS lamps; AYC and ASC sensors; Sunroof electric manage unit; Relay el. Magician. ASC valves.
1115A ETACS system manage unit; Clock; tool cluster
1210A navigation system; AYC and ASC sensor; Generator relay; turning lights **
1310A control units (ETACS; SRS); auto speed sensor; Rheostat; tool cluster
1410A Sound signal
1510A AYC control unit
1610А Heater pan motor relay; control units (air conditioner compressor, wait conditioner); boil windshield wiper blades; Heated rear window; hand-operated air conditioning device (servo and also switch).
1730A Spare
1810A Spare
1915A Spare
2020A Spare

Fuse number 7, 15A, is responsible because that the tobacco lighter


R1 – Heater pan motor relayR2 – Rear window heating relayR3 – Relay breaker direction indicators and alarm

In some models that Mitsubishi Galant 8, it is feasible to install secondary compartment v fuses, next to the key one.



1320A cook windshield wiper blades
1410A Heated next mirrors
1520A Sunroof electric regulate unit

Engine compartment fuse box

Located top top the left side of the engine compartment.


Check the designation and also numbering with your diagram on the cover.

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Circuit breakers

110A Interior and also luggage compartment lighting
215A Radio tape recorder
320A Electro condenser pan (LHD)
420A front fog lamps
510A air conditioner
615A Head lamp (left) – low beam
715A Head lamp (right) – low beam
810A dimensions (left side)
910A size (right side)
1010A behind fog lamps (LHD)
1120A Engine management system
1210A Alarm
1330A strength windows
1430A Ignition lock
1550A Electro Radiator Fan
1660A ABS systems
1760A AYC device (4WD-RHD models)
1860A Fuse (+ B)
19100A Generator


A – central locking relayB – Relay dimensionsC – Fog lamp relayD – Signal relayE – Relay short beam headlightsJ – wait conditioner relayH – Generator relayF – Purifier relayI – Relay lights as soon as corneringG – ReserveR – Relay for electric fans controlS – Starter relay (models with manual transmission)

Separately, outside the unit, an ABS relay unit have the right to be installed.