The three most common reasons of a no-start problem in her 2001 Chevy Astro van are starting/charging system failure, ignition mechanism failure and fuel device failure. Diagnosing a no-start condition uses a procedure of eliminating the possible culprits to pinpoint the cause. Use a series of simple tests to diagnose these problems quickly and also accurately.

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Check the battery voltage in ~ the battery v the digital volt/ohm meter. Set the meter come "Volts D/C" and touch the black color meter bring about the negative battery post and the red meter lead to the optimistic post. A fully charged battery will measure 12.7 volts or more. A measurement of 12.5 volts is thought about discharged, and also the battery need to be fee before any type of further testing. Any type of measurement below 11 volts shows a severely discharged battery--the battery is most most likely damaged and should it is in replaced. If the battery measures above 12.7 volts, proceed to the next step.

Check the starter for battery voltage by poignant the red (positive) meter result in the battery cable terminal top top the earlier of the starter and the black color (negative) cause the chassis. The voltage reading must be around the very same as the measurement in ~ the battery. If the analysis is lower than battery voltage, inspect for bad connections in ~ the cables top top the battery and the starter or soil cable. Examine for ignition switch signal in ~ the purple wire ~ above the earlier of the starter. As soon as the crucial is turned to the "Start" position this wire should measure battery voltage. If the analysis is less than battery voltage, or zero volts, inspect the fusible links (orange wires) on the back of the starter. If the fusible links are intact and also not burned or broken, replace the ignition switch. If battery voltage is current at the violet wire, and also the starter doesn"t turn, change the starter. If the voltage measurements at the starter room correct, and also the starter cranks the engine over as soon as the crucial is turned come the start position, proceed to the next step.

Remove the wait duct attached come the accelerator body, and also spray a liberal quantity of the carburetor spray into the throttle body. Change the hose, and shot to begin the engine. If the engine starts, the fuel pump is not offering fuel or the ignition module is not pulsing the injectors. Inspect the fuel pump fuse situated in the under-hood fuse block. If that is good, inspect for power at the fuel pump electrical connector situated near the rear of the fuel tank ~ above the driver"s next of the van. In the Chevy Astro van, strength is offered to the fuel pump through the the gray wire on the electrical connector when the engine is being cranked. If strength is supplied, hitting the fuel tank with the flat side of a hammer while someone rather is transforming the ignition crucial to start will periodically bump the fuel pump enough to enable it to start. If the fuel pump checks good, continue to the next step.

Check for spark. Disconnect the coil cable at the ignition coil, and try to start the engine. If no spark occurs, replace the coil and also ignition module. If a strong spark occurs, plug the wire back in, and also remove a spark plug wire from a spark plug and also repeat the test. If a spark is no present, replace the spark plug wires, and also distributor cap and rotor.

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