Cruise not functioning at all. No light on dash. Not turning on. Have checked fuses checked continuity top top switches ~ above steering. Replaced module still no cruise. Aid

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inspect this TSB out, has actually this work-related been excellent to her truck yet> (SCDS)Speed manage deactivation swtch, and harness?SAFETY recall 05S28 - SPEED manage SYSTEM modification SERVICE campaign BULLETIN recommendation Number(s): 05S28 supplement #15, date of Issue: April 10, 2008 associated Ref Number(s): 05S28 article BEGINNING safety RECALL 05S28 SUBJECT safety and security Recall 05S28 - supplement #15: 1992-2004 Multiple auto Lines Speed control System change REF safety Recall Bulletin 05S28 supplement #14 dated January 28, 2008 reasons FOR THIS complement � educate dealers that company parts space now accessible to fix all impacted vehicles. � notify dealers the a universal Fused Jumper exploit (UFJH) is obtainable to organization all impacted vehicles (with the exemption of 1993 note VIII). The UFJH has actually universal polarity and also electrical connectors that make the compatible through all affected vehicle wiring and also SCDS connector configurations. This universal service component will replace/supersede all prior level unify Jumper Harnesses, minimize complexity, and simplify the repair options. � administer dealers through revised company procedures, component applications and also all brand-new Labor Operations. � inform dealers that performing interim Speed control System disconnect repairs space no much longer authorized. � inform dealers the the usage of Speed manage Deactivation Switches to company vehicles containing non-leaking Speed regulate Deactivation Switches, is no much longer authorized (with the exception of 1993 note VIII).

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All 1993 mark VIII vehicles will certainly be serviced through a brand-new Speed control Deactivation Switch, nevertheless of whether or not the SCDS is leaking. � educate dealers the initial shipments of the UFJH will be seed-stocked, and also will start to come FORD: 1992-1998 Crown Victoria; 1993-1995 Taurus SHO; 1998-2002 Ranger; 1998-2001 Explorer; 2001-2002 explorer Sport & sport Trac; 1995-2002 F-53 Motorhome; 1993- 1996 Bronco; 2003-2004 F-150 Lightning; 1993-2003 F-Series; 1997-2002 Expedition; 1992-2003 E-150/250/350; 1996-2003 E-450; 2002-2003 E-550; 2000-2003 Excursion LINCOLN: 1992-1998 city Car; 1993-1998 mark VIII; 1998-2002 Navigator; 2002-2003 Blackwood MERCURY: 1992-1998 cool Marquis; 1994 Capri; 1998-2001 Mountaineer