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How perform you flush the power steering resevoir top top a 2001 Ford Taurus? Sonmeone stated to fill the resevoir come the top and turn the steering wheel left and right and also keep adding brand-new fluid weekly until it operation clear.
The alternative, one-person method is to draw practically all the fluid out of the reservoir through a turkey baster (save a sample), refill the reservoir with brand-new fluid and drive the car roughly the block a pair of times. Repeat as necessary until a fluid sample attracted from the reservoir is the same shade as new fluid. Deserve to be done all at once, or over the course of a few days. The fluid capacity is approx. 1 qt. So numerous exchanges of a couple of ounces in ~ a time will be needed. This is easy and also not as messy.
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If you space married, or live at home with your parents, perform NOT let your wife or mother catch you using the turkey baster because that this. Clean the turkey baster real good before putting it ago in your wife"s, or mother"s kitchen drawer.

A Windstar owner mentioned the outlet screen on the PS reservoir was virtually clogged. That is bad, as it can reason cavitation, which will damage a pump in quick order. I setup to drainpipe the res somehow, pull it, and inspect that screen.
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I personally did this two different ways.In my crown vic, ns pulled the return line and also aimed it come a container, started the engine and also kept the reservoir full. Yes, really it was quick and also easy. BTW the return line was no under really high pressure, it just flowed out, didn"t shooting out.On my windstar, I offered the turkey baster method. It was a ache in the ..... Took too long and much more fluid because the new was blending v the old. I didn"t execute as thorough a job, however it was absolutely cleaner... More red. But with the windstar i would probably use the turkey baster technique again, just due to the fact that the return heat is no as straightforward to obtain to. The turkey basters room avaiable because that a buck in ~ the dissension store and in my mind a throwaway.
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Yes remove the return line and pointing it in the direction of a container, while keeping the reservoir to fill so it does not burn up is the correct way to exchange fluid. The moving fluid likewise flushes out any debris much much better than a turkey baster method.Now plenty of enthusiasts proceed this cleaning further by installation an in line filter in the return heat to catch any kind of further sediment and also prevent that from attract hydraulic seals and likewise causing pump wear as preventative maintenance. Greybeard is right, some ford models do have a developed in display inside the reservoir, and cleaning of that involves removing the reservoir and using a clean solvent to clear the varnish that builds increase on this screen. Mine Freestar reservoir that sets off to the side of the yes, really pump, has actually a display internally developed in. So that is absolutely something to check when servicing the fluids.
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