Chrysler town & country IV year of production: 2001Model name: city & countryBrand name: ChryslerGeneration: IVBody type: Minivan through 5 doors and 7 seats.

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Size the engine: 3778cm3Engine power: 180 HP -220 HPCurb weight: 4398.23lbs (1998kgs).Length: 5095mmHeight:  1750mm.


Chrysler city & country revised in 2001 after ~ detecting the defect; that is redesigned and modified in previous models. Its brand-new designs manifest a brand-new trend in the styling process and offer rise come their strength under your hood.Town and country redesigned the body and also made it 2 inches more comprehensive than before with headlights larger in size and also wraparound taillights set up to accessibility the lights of the trailers. Its brand-new power slide door has manual access, which facilitates hand-operated use throughout the power phase. Chryslers town & country was the best looking minivan at that time. The has fantastic smooth and also comfortable going basic that renders your journey more enjoyable and comfier. It was the only vehicle of the time which provided luxuries amends; it had super versatile Stow’n go seating. Its Stow’n walk seating results in refurnishing seat of second and third row together with under flooring compartments. The right-hand journey (RHD) in 4th generation towns and countries to be rated an extremely poorly and also the safety risks connected were high and completed a substantially lower rating in it. However, that is Left-hand drive (LHD) performed far much better than the right-hand drive and also has much better performance 보다 it. Its safety and security ratings were likewise subsequently high.

Buying Chrysler town and also country will increase your residential value. It facilitates much better moving combinations and also convenience for numerous passengers at a time. Its benefits in much better safety and also qualifies in the touch of luxurious comforts.


An combined Power Module is situated in the enginecompartment close to the battery. This center contains maxifuses, mini fuses and also relays. A label that identify eachcomponent is printed on the within of the cover.

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CavityMaxi FuseDescription
F430 Amp PinkFront Wipers
F940 Amp GreenAnti-Lock Brake system (ABS) Pump
F1040 Amp GreenFront Blower
F1340 Amp GreenElectronic earlier Light (EBL)
F1940 Amp GreenBody regulate Module (BCM) feed 1
F2030 Amp PinkCentral Amplifier
F2230 Amp PinkSeats
F2740 Amp GreenRadiator Fan
F2840 Amp GreenPower Windows
F3040 Amp GreenHeadlight Washers (Export Only)
F3140 Amp GreenPower sliding Door
F3240 Amp GreenPower Liftgate
F120 Amp YellowFog Lights
F215 Amp BlueLeft Park/Tail Light
F315 Amp BlueRight Park/Tail Light
F520 Amp YellowRDO/IP Ignition
F620 Amp Yellow12 Volt the end Ignition or Battery
F820 Amp YellowHorn
F1120 Amp YellowEWD/ rear Wiper
F1225 Amp NaturalRear Blower
F1420 Amp YellowIgnition Off attract (IOD)
F1520 Amp YellowElectronic automatically Transaxle (EATX) Battery
F1525 Amp NaturalASD
F1720 Amp YellowFuel Pump
F1815 Amp BlueA/C Clutch
F2125 Amp NaturalAnti-Lock Brake device (ABS) Module
F2310 Amp RedIgnition Switch
F2420 Amp YellowHazard
F2620 Amp YellowStop Lamp
F3315 Amp BlueFront/Rear Washer
-20 Amp YellowSpare (IOD)

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