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OK so i have a speedometer the quits functioning after steering 3-5 miles in the city and while ns driving the needle all of sudden drops come zero and also stays there until the next morning, ive changed the rate cluster, rate sensors, and also still having the problem. So im preety sure that there is either a difficulty in the wiring harness, i have actually seen some solutions that require human being to splice the wires in ~ the speedo and also sensor yet what ns really want to understand is what cables precisely to splice and also which sensor the cables walk to , i have tried trying to find wiring diagrams however i have not checked out anyAlso no CEL has turned on related to the speed sensor
* at DavesSpectra"s comments...
Bro don"t wast her time with analysis every thing there I simply fix mine now after I changed sensor and cluster . The difficulty is the wiring native the speed sensor come the swarm so u should bypass it with brand-new wir and guaranteed it will certainly work
Anyone else? need to be a common problem. My 04 Spectra has problems with the Speedo quitting sometimes. It can go 2 or 3 days not working. Then every one of a sudden starts functioning again and also may go 4-5 month working just fine and fail again possibly for half a day and also be well again because that a month. It"s pertained to the speedo only not the odo. Odo has constantly worked simply fine and also kept great mileage. I assumed it would certainly be the rate sensor but it"s not that or the infection wouldn"t work properly and also should litter a CEL password right? so is it simply this poor wiring harness? and also it goes from where to where?

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