Question = The low beam headlights on mine 2004 Chevy Trailblazer dont work. They both walk outat the very same time. I replaced both bulbs even though I would not think they might go out at the sametime. Fuses space all good. What have the right to I carry out to repair this problem. Head light trouble with mine 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer Truck.4.2 inline six. Repairs because that this trouble = changed both headlight bulbs and also checked fuses.

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Answer:As long as every the fuses are good, and the high beams occupational correctly, then the usual problem isa faulty headlamp relay. See picture below. This relay is in the under hood fuse block. A most the time it is overlookedbecause it is labeling "HDM". See photo below.This applies to 2003, 2005 and also 2006 Trailblazers also.

Most civilization dont establish this is because that the headlamps. An easy way to examine that is come swap it v thesame type relay that is right next to it. Turn the crucial off, swap relays, turn crucial on, then revolve headlight switch on. That they come on, change the negative relay. It costs approx. $35.

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I LOVE friend guys!! I"ve to be driving with my bright lights on for around 2 weeks. I did a google search today and foundyou.I addressed it and also it only took me 10 minutes,$37 part and i didn"t even break a nail. Ns am not mechanically inclined, buttoday, after solving this, i feel favor I have the right to do anything! Thanks!

Thanks. The part fixed the problem price $40.00 choose you said.saved hundreds no going to a shop.

I have 2002 GMC envoy had actually same difficulty with low beams no working. Adjusted bulbs $28 then checked fuses no luck. Watch on here and went come garage instantly and did what the photos showed and it worked!! I will go buy that small thing now. Thanks for conserving me $$$$.

Was in ~ alot of sites and no one appeared to know what the trouble was or invested alot that money top top proffesionals and also didnot get any type of where. Appears to me people shot to end think straightforward solutions or try to get money for it. You conserved me loads oftime and also money M y wife thanks you and also so do i. Give thanks to you.

I looked increase "both headlights went the end on a chevy blazer 2006" her website came up. I check out it to my husband, five minuteslater the said, the was the exact problem. Give thanks to you really much.

Same trouble on mine 2004 GMC no low beams. Confirm fuses. Switched the points like shown in photo and the lamp worked. Swapped ago in original position and also the lights space still worked.

Awesome! functioned for our 2004 trailblazer. Thanks for an excellent advice!

Thank friend so lot I was about to take the auto to the dealer and was fear of the bill, reasoning it might be a electricalproblem. I had changed the bulb and looked at the fuses and the relay. Never ever knew about this part.(problem solved) 2006 Chevrolet follow blazer!

2004 trailblazer headlights. Many thanks a lot, it yes, really helps me,and prevent to pay who to inspect my headlight.Thank you.

We simply recently had the same problem on mine 2002 Chevy Trailblaer & after instead of bulbs & switches, discovered the answer online! also the dealercouldn"t help. Tried convert from snapshot & difficulty solved! thank you!!!!

2004 GMC Envoy have actually the same trouble with mine light. I assumed I can findthe problem however NO . An initial time i have ever before looked on heat forhelp. Many thanks to you over there fixed!!!!! Thanks

Amazing!! changed fuses and bulbs on my 2002GMC Envoy quiet no head lamps!(needs a recall by theway!)-auto components store was no help-u were-Thanks!!

2004 Chevy Trailblazer,low beams out, switched them and also both hi and lows occupational now. Of coarse Iwent v all the bull before I found this very helpful site.

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I deserve to not say thanks to you enough. Three various mechanics, countless opinions and staring under the possibility of one $800wiring worry (Chevy dealership)I discovered your website. Ns felt so unbelievably empowered when I checked out the auto storeordered exactly what i needed, popped the hood, and also replaced the fuse myself.