Fuel Pump replacement Service

How much does a Fuel Pump replacement cost?

On average, the cost for a evade Durango Fuel Pump replacement is $379 through $236 for parts and $142 for labor. Prices may vary relying on your location.

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CarServiceEstimateShop/Dealer Price
2007 evade DurangoV8-5.7LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$719.95Shop/Dealer Price$859.63 - $1230.30
1998 dodge DurangoV8-5.9LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$931.82Shop/Dealer Price$1129.77 - $1666.14
2003 dodge DurangoV8-5.9LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$931.82Shop/Dealer Price$1129.77 - $1666.13
2000 evade DurangoV8-4.7LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$931.82Shop/Dealer Price$1129.71 - $1666.03
1999 dodge DurangoV8-5.9LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$931.82Shop/Dealer Price$1129.81 - $1666.20
2002 evade DurangoV8-4.7LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$931.82Shop/Dealer Price$1129.77 - $1666.13
2009 dodge DurangoV8-5.7LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$2127.44Shop/Dealer Price$2626.80 - $4077.08
2005 evade DurangoV8-4.7LService typeFuel Pump ReplacementEstimate$687.70Shop/Dealer Price$827.93 - $1199.00

What is the fuel pump and also how does the work?

The fuel pump offers pressurized gasoline to each of the fuel injectors in a car’s engine. The fuel pump is powered by a compact electric motor and is located in the vehicle’s gas tank. The pressure and output the the pump are managed by a regulator. Filtration that the fuel occurs either in the fuel tank utilizing a pickup display or externally through a replaceable filter mounted in the fuel supply line.

When to take into consideration replacing the fuel pump?

A high quality, OEM fuel pump have the right to last indefinitely. However, as with any type of electro-mechanical component, a fuel pump will eventually degrade and also fail. If it stops working to develop adequate pressure or totally quits operating, the will have to be replaced. This failed condition can sometimes be came before or add by one or an ext of the following symptoms:

Car won’t start or all of sudden stalls and also won’t re-start. A fail fuel pump might prevent a auto from beginning or stall it.Check engine light is on. periodically a fuel pump will certainly fail slowly, and also that way the fuel pressure and volume gradually degrades. The absence of fuel may result in the engine operating without enough fuel relative to the quantity of air, causing the examine engine light to appear.Whirring noise indigenous fuel tank. together a fuel pump fails, friend may an alert a whirring or humming noise coming from the fuel tank area, toward the behind of the car. If the noise is native the fuel pump, failure of the pump is regularly imminent and you have to replace the fuel pump at your earliest convenience.

How do mechanics replace the fuel pump?

The fuel pump is experiment to be sure it isn’t functioning. Must the fuel pump be faulty, that is removed from the tank with an access panel above the tank in the passenger compartment. As soon as no accessibility panel exists, fuel is very first drained from the tank and also then the fuel tank have to be lower from the vehicle to gain access to the pump. In all cases, fuel pump supply and also return hoses, as well as EVAP system hoses, and also electrical relationships to the pump should be removed. As soon as the pump is out, any kind of reusable brackets and also pick up display screens are attached come the brand-new pump, climate the brand-new pump is installed. If the fuel system uses one in-line outside filter, a filter is often replaced. All hoses and electrical relations are re-established. Fuel is added to the tank and also the engine is run to test because that leaks.

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Is it for sure to drive with a fuel pump problem?

Usually, that still safe to drive, but the pump may bring about an overheated engine and catalytic converter. Finish fuel pump failure have the right to leave girlfriend stranded out on the road, but many time a vehicle won’t start before initially driving.

However, if the fuel pump difficulty involves leaks of petrol or vapors, that is unsafe to continue driving, and should immediately be checked by a default mechanic.

When replacing the fuel pump save in mind:

Prior to replacing, the mechanic will power the fuel pump straight to confirm that the concern is a failure pump matches a faulty strength supply come the pump. Uneven the fuel filter was changed recently, at any time the fuel pump is changed a brand-new fuel filter have to be installed.When failing previously than expected, the strength supply have to be verified since a voltage autumn in the fuel pump circuit deserve to lead to overheating.Should the fuel tank be lowered during the repair, the fuel tank straps and also fasteners must be confirm for extreme corrosion and also replaced together needed. The fuel in the gas tank cools and also lubricates the fuel pump. After ~ installation the a brand-new fuel pump, it’s way to store the gas tank at least a quarter full to maximize the life the a brand-new fuel pump.

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