Ford auto door panels have the right to be gotten rid of to with the home window regulators, door locks and door handle latch. The panels need to removed if you"re installation extra accessories such together a keyless entrance or alarm device or to ar sound deadening material versus the doors. Once you know how to eliminate door panels off a Ford car you can easily do the repairs the you need.

Under The Hood:

How to remove Door Panels of a Ford Focus

Look for a tiny hole in the door-pull manage cover. Insert a little screw driver into the feet to pry the sheathe off. Remove the two screws behind the cover.

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Pull the door latch handle and remove the screw the is behind it. Pull the whole plastic trim in and around the door latch handle and disconnect the electric wires behind it.

Pop the plastic cover alongside the window/outside winter off. Remove the clip behind the cover through a flat head screw driver. Disconnect the wires behind the cover.

Start in a corner of the door panel and also slowly traction up, popping out seven clips approximately the leaf of the panel. There space two clips along each next of the panel and three along the bottom.

Hold on to the door panel and also turnit respond to clockwise to eliminate it indigenous the steel hooks it is relaxing on.

Disconnect any type of other wires behind the dashboard (if the car has power windows or locks) and also then the panel will certainly be fully disconnected native the door.

Items you will certainly need

Flat head screw driver

Philips head screw driver

How to eliminate the Door dashboard on a 2003 Ford Escape

Lower the home window in the door in question. Pry the tiny trim plug out of the within door manage bezel with the reminder of the trim tool to reveal a hex-head door panel retaining screw. Pry the trim plug from the center of the top edge that the door panel with the trim tool to disclose a 2nd retaining screw.

Remove the 4 door-panel retaining screws v the socket wrench and 8-mm socket. There is one screw top top the rolling edge that the panel, one in the within door traction cup and also the two exposed in step 1.

Pry the door panel from the door making use of the trim tool. 5 trim pins the anchor right into holes in the inside door skin host the door panel to the door. Pry each trim pin out individually with the trim tool.

Lift the door panel up and also off the door by hand. Unplug the wiring connector indigenous the window and lock switch assembly. Relocate the panel away from the door to finish the removal process.

Replace the panel by lowering the onto the door, ensuring the top lip that the panel slides right into the home window well. Align the eight trim pins through the trim pin anchor holes in the within door skin and push the pins into the door skin to chair the door panel.

Reinstall the four hex-head door panel retaining screws through the socket and also wrench. Press the two trim covers earlier into ar to complete the door dashboard reinstallation.

Items you will certainly need

Trim tool

Socket wrench

8-mm socket

How to eliminate a Door dashboard from a Ford Contour

Remove the C-clip from window regulator take care of (on manual window models only) located in between the round base of the handle and also the panel. Push the pliable dashboard inward to access the clip and also use a little curved hook to pull it off. Wiggle the home window regulator handle off that is arbor.

Remove the side-view mirror molding. Later models of the Contour rental an exterior retaining screw. Eliminate the screw and then unsnap the molding native the door structure with the V-shaped angle trim tool.

Locate and remove the two visible retaining screws top top the door panel with the Phillips head screwdriver.

Locate the aesthetic sheathe in the molding that the door cup. Pry the cover off through a little flat-bladed screwdriver. Remove the one to 2 (depending top top the year) retaining screws underneath the cover.

Remove the retaining screw situated in the door handle molding. Pry the molding the end from the door native the rear of the molding making use of the trim tool.

Pry the home window control module (if equipped with power windows) gently off the arm rest assembly. Pry that from the rear v the trim tool. Disconnect the wire harness connections from the control module. Remove any type of retaining screws that may be current under the control module.

Use the trim in ~ the bottom the the dashboard to gently pry turn off the concealed fasteners under the door panel. As soon as the bottom fasteners room pried off, work-related your method up each side of the door panel until all the fasteners room disconnected.

Lift the door panel straight up around 2 inches native the door frame to relax the retaining hook from the sheet steel shelf of the door frame. Pull the panel away from the door frame just enough to acquire your hands behind it and then support the panel v one hand.

Use your various other hand to disconnect the door handle rod and also then disconnect the speaker wire harness (if applicable). Remove the door dashboard from the door frame and also place the in a safe location where it will not get damaged.

Items you will need

Curved pick hook

Phillips head screwdriver

Small flat-bladed screwdriver

V-shaped edge trim tool

How to eliminate a Door panel in a Ford Taurus

Slide the flat-head screwdriver under the leaf of the trim surrounding the perimeter the the door jam. Popular music the trim native its mounting holes, and also pull it off the door.

Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove the mounting bolts top top the internal door handle, and collection the take care of aside.

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Locate the screws follow me the edge of the door dashboard that hold it come the door. Remove them through the Phillips screwdriver, climate slide the door panel turn off the door.