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My GF just obtained a auto dock for she Verizon Droid, she found Pandora and wants to operation it through her factory stereo. I"m pretty advanced when it comes to wiring stereo"s yet I start from scratch and have seldom started butchering a manufacturing facility wiring. Does anyone know how to wire in an aux input? Thanks.
I am wonder the same inquiry but concerning a 2007 Mercury Mariner v the audiphile system. Ns think girlfriend must very first purchase and also install the aux.- rca adapter which you plug right into a harnass of the stereo and also then you have the right to install a 3.5mm female jack come rca cable come the adapter. Then you plug the mp3 player right into the jack. Am ns correct on this? and also, walk anyone know which adapter i would have to obtain for the audiophile system?
Hello, I simply bought a 2007 Mercury Mariner v the audiphile system, and also noticed the AUX button is disabled.I Looked top top a few car radio web sites critical night, and found they sell "AUX input adapters" for some OEM radios. Having actually a "satellite ready" receiver also readjusted things. Mine didn"t seem to be listed, as there to be very few adapters provided after 2006.For now, I will wire-up a Delphi RF modulator that was created the XM SKIFi auto kit. This will administer an AUX input thru the antenna connection. It is a tiny sensitive come input level, and also it may be EQed because that the SKYFi receiver - but that"s what I want to hook up!Richard

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