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Hi All,I would choose to understand where the location pf the fuel filter for my 2005 Elantra GLS?I am having actually P0170 and also P0171 ~ above OBD II code reader.I would choose to watch for causes which I uncovered to be numerous on the internet.I woulds favor to change the fuel filter first, because I newly replaced the front finish O2 sensor and also the Catalytic converter.Thanks,

You will desire to test mechanism (fuel pressure) first.. Static pressure at idle, and also pressure under load (test drive and also put the pedal come metal),, additionally look for vacuum leak as well (including eliminate body next hose indigenous purge and inspect because that vacuum leak with connector unplug)
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Location of the fuel filter is next to the fuel pump i m sorry is in the gas tank.Access is v removal of the lower earlier seat and accessibility cover
I walk this on my 2005 Elantra. Make the efforts an aftermarket filter and also it did no fit. Acquired genuine OEM Hyundai and worked like a charm.

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