Internal combustion engines are powered through tiny tiny explosions. This explosions produce a lot of heat, i beg your pardon can damages the engine if left unmanaged.

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Fortunately, the cooling device in each auto prevents this from happening by utilizing a water pump to allow coolant (also well-known as antifreeze) come circulate transparent the contents of the engine.

Below, we’ll walk over five common poor water pump symptoms that can present themselves in addition to the average expense to change a water pump if needed.

How a Water Pump Works


Cost because that replacement that the water pump vary greatly depending upon the size, make, and age the the car, despite you can expect come pay everywhere from $310 to $730 total. Suppose to pay an ext at a dealership or v certain types of vehicles.

Parts alone (water pump and added parts) will certainly run about $70 to $400. Because that labor, mean to pay about $240 come $330 (using a common $80-$110/hr. Rate). On average, water pump instead of is a 3 hour job.

You might pay less if you buy the pump yourself and give it come the mechanic come install, though usage caution and make certain to to buy the parts from a dependable source. Make and model of auto can have actually a significant effect on full cost. Fees and taxes may boost these figures relying on your location.

Though water pump replacement deserve to be expensive, engine instead of is much worse. The auto should not be propelled until essential repairs room done.

If you’re no sure once your water pump was last replaced, law it quickly is cheap insurance for your engine. Most human being like to tackle the water pump with the timing belt if they’re in there.

Replacement Process

Water pump replacement must be done by a professional unless you have actually mechanical experience, as it can be a difficult task.

First, the present coolant is drained native the vehicle and also parts the obstruct access, such together the timing chain or belt, space removed. The water pump and related parts such as hoses space inspected and replaced if needed.

The thermostat and also radiator lid should likewise be replaced at this time, together with any gaskets or seals. The radiator itself might be replaced if the leaks or shows indicators of age.

Finally new coolant is included and the device is tested for leaks. A test drive will certainly confirm appropriate functioning of the brand-new water pump.

As the mechanics remove components that obstruct access to the water pump, they may come throughout other items that should be replaced, such as the time belt or chain. It’s always wise to attain an estimate before agreeing to any added repairs.

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It’s necessary to remember the coolant get scalding temperatures and is under a lot of pressure when the car is running and also for a few hours after it’s shut off. Never remove the radiator lid or touch any component of the cooling system until the engine has cooled completely.