This post covers the procedure on transforming the oil and filter on a Nissan Altima through a QR25DE 2.5L I4 engine that have the right to be found in 2013, 2014, and also 2015 models. This engine can also be uncovered in the renowned Nissan Sentra, Murano, Frontier, and also Rogue models too.

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If you have ramps, traction your auto onto the ramps. If you will certainly be utilizing jackstands, for sure jack that up and use jackstands in the appropriate specified point out on your car. APPLY THE PARKING/EMERGENCY BRAKE and also chock at the very least 1 wheel because that safety!

Using a 14mm socket, ease (not remove!) the oil drainpipe bolt located on the rearward next of the oil pan.

With the bolt loose, place your oil record can under the automobile to prepare for the oil come drain. Take a rag for any kind of oil that will certainly drip, spill, or gain on her hands.

With your oil record can strategically in place, remove the bolt and also prepare for a deluge of dirty black color gold to pour out. To assist assist drainage, remove the oil filler cap. This reduce the vacuum pressure as the oil flows out (physics, kids). Offer it a few minutes come drain.

Once the oil has actually slowed down to a drip (not flowing), clean off the oil drainpipe bolt and oil pan for any residual oil. If your bolt has a to like washer, examine it and replace if necessary. By hand, re-insert the drainpipe bolt into the pan and also retighten it. BE careful TO no CROSS object THE BOLT! v the bolt in, tighten to approximately 25lb-ft of torque.

The oil filter is situated on the passenger side of the engine. You accessibility it in the wheel well and also is behind a plastic shield. To help with much more room, you have the right to turn her wheels to the right.

There are 5 plastic pop rivets that hold the plastic shield in place, 4 ~ above the former of the shield and also 1 ~ above the bottom side. Start by taking a flathead screwdriver and remove the facility section of each rivet following by the rivet itself. Once all 5 rivets have actually been removed, the shield can be removed.

Place her oil catch can straight under the oil filter. In a counterclockwise direction, loosen and also remove the oil filter. You may need the assistance of one oil filter wrench for this.

Using several of the brand-new oil, easy coat the rubber o-ring gasket on the oil filter. This serves 2 purposes - to assist create a better seal and also to give some lubrication for as soon as you eliminate the oil filter ~ above your following oil change.

Carefully screw the oil filter back onto the engine block making sure to no cross thread it. Gain it hand tight, climate go about 1/3 of a revolve more.

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Clean up any kind of residue oil and replace the plastic shield in the reverse order that was eliminated with instead of the rivets, climate reinserting the facility section of every rivet.

Back on the topside that the engine, take a funnel and place right into the oil to fill tube. PROTIP Don't have actually a funnel? cut a water bottle in fifty percent and use it for a funnel!