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Today you deserve to enjoy this number sequence riddle.

Carefully go with the number collection below and Find The following Number:

23, 45, 89, 177, ?


So to be you may be to deal with the riddle? Leave her answers in the comment section below.

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If friend watch very closely the series follows the sequence of;

(n x 2) – 1;

So (23 x 2) – 1 = 46 -1 = 45;

(45 x 2) – 1 = 90 – 1 = 89;

(89 x 2) – 1 = 178 – 1 = 177;

Therefore next number will be;

(177 x 2) – 1 = 354 – 1 = 353

Hence the answer is 353.

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