When visiting a night society or bar, or attending one event, you often tend to see bouncers and event protection staff. Most concerts and special events have a number of individuals that can be spotted in event or protection T-shirts. The question is: space theresecurity license demands for bouncers, event security, bar and nightclub security?

It bring away much more than a human being putting on a shirt that reads “security” to become or action in

the capacity of a protection officer. Proper training, education and also licensing is “required” in order because that anyone to do the duties or current themselves together a guard.

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Is a defense license required to work security in Texas?

In the state that Texas, it is a criminal offense to bring out any kind of scope of service regarding security-related occupational without a patent – this includes courtesy officers, occasion staff, and bouncers; if people are caught, they have the right to be arrested.


“A human commits an violation if the person: (1) impersonates a commissioned or non-commissioned defense officer through the will to induce another to submit to the person’s pretended authority or to depend on the who pretended plot of a defense officer; or

(2) intended purports to practice any role that calls for registration together a non-commissioned security officer or a defense officer commission. (b) An violation under this ar is a class A misdemeanor.”

“In Texas, course A misdemeanors are punishable by approximately one year in jail, a well of approximately $4,000, or both jail time and a fine.”

Some society owners/managers and also event planners don’t see the potential hazard of what might go not correct if patrons or occasion goers are injured or insurance claim “assault” by any of their protection staff members performing guard detail without licensing.

In this day and also age, lawsuits room flying everywhere; that behooves every parties affiliated to invest the extra time and money crucial to attain all the is compelled to come to be a protection officer or have those providing security services legally licensed.

Your facility or brand (e.g. Event/wedding planners) might end before it also takes off; you might be slapped with both criminal and also civil suits, and also the people acting together guards could face imprisonment and so on…

The reputation of a service is completely tarnished when the rumor mill begins around lawsuits filed versus the business and unlicensed guards arrested because that alleged assaults and wrongful detainment, etc.

Nightclub defense license demands in Texas

Club sue for bouncer assaulting patron

In the news:

A nightclub bouncer of san Antonio was arrested because that using too much force. He was charged v aggravated attack (a second degree felony) and may challenge up to 20 years in prison.

More protection News:


A bouncer was arrested for allegedly stabbing a patron; he was charged v aggravated assault.

Security license requirements for bouncers and also event employee in Texas

Formal training will significantly reduce the odds of having overzealous safety at your establishment; it will certainly also carry out them with the necessary skills to have the ability to respond correctly as soon as met through unruly individuals.

Some of the most beneficial lessons room learned in hindsight; however, businesses who hire “security” and those who assume the duties that security policemans can’t bought to method this case in hindsight. Ensure all those who space performing guard job-related are license is granted to perform so.

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If you are unclear of laws and regulations and would like more information on license requirements, call SRS solutions for defense consultation.