i am looking for the best word for a human who is continually moving from ar to place without great reason, project or addressed home.

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Drifter is probably the ideal fit here, together it doesn"t have too countless connotations, as nomad, vagabond, and also itinerant do.

Naturally, it must be added that the paper definition will eventually determine the finest word-choice. Tramp, nomad, vagabond or even adventurer might well be far better words; the an option depends ~ above your certain situation.


Nouns, in bespeak of closeness to your specifications:







Adjectives that you may use to describe a human as such:





peripateticI remember the word from Julian Assange"s trial

The referee expressed his own concerns over Assange"s affluent and an effective supporters, choose Australian documentarian man Pilger... The one laugh at the hearing this morning came when the judge scoffed at utilizing Pilger together a surety due to the fact that he was just "another peripatetic (italics added) Australian." even Assange cracked a smile at the one.


It has actually so become associated with a well-known musical team that nobody mentioned:

Rolling Stone

Definition of rolling stone in altoalsimce.org:

rolling stone


A human being who is unwilling to resolve for lengthy in one place.

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‘he to be a rolling stone, with no ties come anyone or anyplace’

(Although i personally execute not condone the Oxford altoalsimce.org Dictionary"s usage of ‘any place’ in an example.)

All the cautious recommendations it seems to be ~ to have actually been made, therefore how about King of the Road? friend might likewise consider roadway scholar if you"re looking for something humorous.

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What is the correct altoalsimce.org word for a human being who constantly suspects other civilization without any valid reason?