In this article, we define various web-related concepts: web pages, websites, net servers, and also search engines. This terms room often perplexed by newcomers come the net or are erroneously used. Let"s find out what they every mean!

Prerequisites: Objective:
You have to know how the web works.
have the ability to describe the differences between a net page, a website, a net server, and also a search engine.

As with any area that knowledge, the web comes v a the majority of jargon. Don"t worry, us won"t overwhelm friend with every one of it (we have a nottard if you"re curious). However, there room a couple of basic state you require to understand at the outset, due to the fact that you"ll hear this expressions all the time as you read on. It"s simple to confuse this terms sometimes due to the fact that they describe related yet different functionalities. In fact, you"ll occasionally see these terms misused in news reports and also elsewhere, so getting them blended up is understandable!

We"ll cover these terms and also technologies in an ext detail together we check out further, but these quick meanings will be a great start for you:

web page

A file which have the right to be shown in a web internet browser such together Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet explorer or Edge, or Apple"s Safari. This are additionally often referred to as just "pages."


A arsenal of net pages which are grouped together and also usually linked together in assorted ways. Often dubbed a "web site" or a "site."

net server

A computer system that hosts a website ~ above the Internet.

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search engine

A web organization that help you uncover other net pages, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo. Search engines are usually accessed v a web web browser (e.g. You have the right to perform find engine searches directly in the deal with bar the Firefox, Chrome, etc.) or with a web page (e.g. or

Let"s look at a an easy analogy — a public library. This is what girlfriend would generally do as soon as visiting a library:

discover a search index and also look because that the title of the book you want. Make a note of the catalog variety of the book. Go to the certain section comprise the book, discover the right brochure number, and also get the book.

Let"s to compare the library v a internet server:

The library is choose a web server. It has actually several sections, i m sorry is comparable to a net server hosting many websites. The various sections (science, math, history, etc.) in the library are favor websites. Each ar is prefer a distinctive website (two sections carry out not save the exact same books). The books in each ar are choose webpages. One website may have actually several webpages, e.g., the science section (the website) will have publications on heat, sound, thermodynamics, statics, etc. (the webpages). Webpages have the right to each be found at a distinct location (URL). The find index is prefer the search engine. Each book has its own unique location in the library (two books cannot be maintained at the very same place) i beg your pardon is mentioned by the catalog number.

So, let"s dig deeper into just how those 4 terms space related and why they room sometimes puzzled with each other.

A web page is a simple document displayable by a browser. Such records are created in the HTML language (which us look right into in much more detail in various other articles). A internet page can embed a selection of different species of resources such as:

style information — regulating a page"s look-and-feel scripts — which add interactivity to the page media — images, sounds, and also videos.

Note: Browsers can additionally display other files such as PDF records or images, but the hatchet web page specifically describes HTML documents. Otherwise, we just use the hatchet document.

All web pages easily accessible on the web are reachable with a distinct address. To access a page, just kind its attend to in your browser address bar:


A website is a repertoire of linked web pages (plus their associated resources) the share a unique domain name. Each net page the a offered website offers explicit links—most of the time in the type of clickable portion of text—that allow the user to move from one page of the website come another.

To accessibility a website, type its domain surname in your browser address bar, and the web browser will display screen the website"s main web page, or homepage (casually referred together "the home"):


The ideas of a web page and also a website are specifically easy come confuse because that a website that includes only one web page. such a website is sometimes dubbed a single-page website.

A web server is a computer system hosting one or more websites. "Hosting" way that every the web pages and their supporting papers are accessible on that computer. The web server will certainly send any kind of web page indigenous the website the is hosting to any kind of user"s browser, per user request.

Don"t confused websites and also web servers. Because that example, if girlfriend hear who say, "My website is not responding", that actually means that the web server is no responding and also therefore the website is not available. More importantly, since a net server can host lot of websites, the term web server is never ever used to designate a website, together it could cause great confusion. In ours previous example, if us said, "My internet server is no responding", it method that lot of websites on that internet server room not available.

Search engines are a common source of man on the web. A search engine is a special sort of website the helps users discover web pages indigenous other websites.

There room plenty out there: Google, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and many more. Some are generic, some are committed about particular topics. Use whichever you prefer.

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Many beginner on the net confuse find engines and browsers. Let"s do it clear: A browser is a item of software application that retrieves and displays web pages; a search engine is a website the helps human being find net pages from other websites. The confusion arises because, the first time someone launches a browser, the web browser displays a find engine"s homepage. This renders sense, because, obviously, the very first thing you want to perform with a internet browser is to uncover a web page come display. Don"t confused the framework (e.g., the browser) with the company (e.g., the search engine). The difference will aid you quite a bit, however even some experts speak loosely, for this reason don"t feeling anxious around it.

Here is an circumstances of Firefox reflecting a Google search box as its default startup page: