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Alice in Wonderland and also The wizard of Oz room both public domain properties, and also Netflix is bringing with each other the 2 main characters from those separate human beings to create a brand-new and distinctive story.

The film job is called Dorothy & Alice, and the crossover will check out the two characters team up for a “fantasy adventure epic.” The story follows Dorothy who is sent out to a house for girls after experiencing devastating nightmares, and also it’s at this residence where she meets Alice.

According to Collider, Netflix has actually hired Anna Klassen to create the script, which was previously functioned on by Justin Merz(Disney’sRose Red). She confirmed that news ~ above Twitter saying, “The Cheshire Cat is out of the bag. I’m creating DOROTHY & ALICE because that
Netflix, a fantasy adventure epic. I grew up analysis these books & this project has actually been endlessly funny to handmade – to reinvent treasured characters and also explore the civilizations I want to inhabit as a kid.”

Here is the synopsis of the initial script:

The initial script found Dorothy Gale haunted by nightmares that Oz’s brewing destruction. Sent out to a home for others choose her who experience troubling, lively dreams, she shortly befriends Alice, a mysterious girl who entails her in a perilous pursuit to not just save the worlds of imagination, yet the people as we understand it.

It’s reported that that plot has readjusted and Klassen will certainly be acquisition the task in a “different direction.” yes no indigenous on what that various direction will certainly be, but I to be curious to what come of the project. I like the concept and can watch the potential the it has.


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