a general term that describes all changes in the initial shape and/or size of a rock body.

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StressA pressure per unit area acting on a solid. Can reason deformation.
StrainThe adjust in shape or volume the a human body of rock together a result of stress.
AnticlineA form of fold generally formed by upfolding of absent layers.
SynclineThe Downfolds or troughs in association v Anticlines.
MonoclineLarge step choose folds in otherwise horizontal sedimentary strata.
Normal Faulta fault in which the rock above the fault aircraft has moved down relative to the rock below.
Reverse Faulta error in i m sorry the material above the fault aircraft moves up in relation to the product below.
Thrust faulta turning back fault with a dip much less than 45 degrees, normally around 10 come 15 degrees.
Strike-slip Faulta fault follow me which activity is horizontal and parallel come the trend of the fault.
OrogenesisThis is the repertoire of procedures that create a mountain belt.
Folded MountainMountains that space primarily created by folding.
Fault-block Mountaina mountain formed when huge blocks that crust are tilted, uplifted, or reduce between huge normal faults.
Grabena valley formed by the bottom displacement of a fault-bounded block.
Horstan elongated uplifted block of crust bounded by faults.
Accretionary WedgeA huge wedge-shaped fixed of sediment that forms in a subduction zone. Here, sediment is scraped indigenous the subducting oceanic plate and also accreted to the overriding crustal block.
AccretionProcess the occurs once crustal fragments collide with and stay associated to a continent plate.
TerraneA crustal block bounded by faults, whose geologic background is unique from the backgrounds of bordering crustal blocks.
IsostasyThe ide that Earths crust is floating in gravitational balance ~ above the material of the mantel.

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Isostatic AdjustmentProcess of establishing a new level that gravitational equilibrium.
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