Anchor Hocking"s beforehand American Prescut

by Cathy Linehan, Tracy, CA

The early on American Prescut (EAPC) glassware line by Anchor Hocking is enjoying wide-spread popularity. There are countless serious collectors, countless of whom began this love of EAPC long prior to it to be a well-known thing to do. As among these long-time EAPC collectors, i agreed come share several of the points I have actually learned and documented.

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With this article, the focus will it is in EAPC pieces and current price variances. Later write-ups will function some exciting historical and research facts that I have assembled. Other research is in development with a variety of collectors co-operating through Dr.

Leonette Walls. Facts from this group initiative will be mutual in future issues.

One the the basics of EAPC is being aware of what is easy and common and the hard-to-find Items. Also, be mindful of items quiet in production. This pieces should not command premium prices, by any means!

A fellow EAPC collector friend of mine, Cheryl Briggs, reports the "EAPC is the last great collectible glass, yet the price are skies rocketing." prices on EAPC room dependent to a great degree ~ above what part of the nation you are in and also how abundant that piece is in your neck that the woods. Piece seem to have been distributed regionally -- some pieces are an ext prevalent in the south, others the end west. One collector in Connecticut complains of gift unable to discover a cruet if I uncover one nearly every weekend.

The more mundane piece command a lower price. Amongst commonly seen items are: Creamers, beat bowls and also cups, 10" tabbed handled relish dishes, gondolas, three-toed bowls, butter dishes, 10¾" salad bowl, and both sized candy dishes. Observe what items are typically seen in her area prior to paying premium prices.

Hard to uncover items in most areas of the country include: the square pitcher, tea glasses, four and also five part trays, cake plates, oil lamp, electrical lamps make from the 8" vase (sold with Fingerhut, wherein I bought mine in 1996), lazy susans, small shakers and colored pieces. In general, I recommend collectors to buy tough pieces when seen. You may regret passing one by later. Also, be careful around passing on favorite items; you may not watch one again.

Current items because that sale according to a report incorporate 8½" vase and the 9" thick neck bud vase. Bar password tags on the bottom of each review "Anchor Hocking Glass, made in USA." A report of the creamer being marketed at a keep chain in California claims that an Anchor Hocking label was ~ above the bottom. With those pieces still obtainable for sale, don"t pay neck shop prices.

Also, be conscious that imported items also exist. Many of them bear the mark, "Italy," ~ above the product.

As to what pieces were made, just time will tell. Discussion of easily accessible information ~ above EAPC will certainly be gift in a later on article. Reports of colored pieces proceed with confirmation of beginning by labels and also photographs. These room being added to the database produced by Dr. Walls.

A side repertoire for countless EAPC lovers room the after-market items that made use of EAPC. Identify the companies producing these composite items is one more area being researched.

Early American Prescut glassware has actually a relatively long and large numbered run. Numerous of us have been love this pattern because that a long time and continue to collect it. Also, many new collectors space joining this "hot" collectible. Reports of new pieces will be significantly appreciated as we occupational toward substantial EAPC listing.

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Webmaster"s Note: This post was taken native the publication "Glass and also More, might 1998" with permission native the publisher, Dr. Leonette Walls.