Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, / and also therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. / no one hath Love"s mental of any type of judgement taste; / Wings, and no...

Love look at not with the eyes, but with the mind,And as such is winged Cupid painted blind.Nor on foot Love"s mind of any kind of judgement taste;Wings, and also no eyes, figure unheedy haste.

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This quote native A Midsummer Night"s Dream means that love does not look with reason (with the "eyes") however with the imagination ("the mind"). What execute you median by "does no look v reason" and looks by imagination?

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these lines are spoken by Helena at the end of the an initial scene the Shakespeare"s A Midsummer Night"s Dream.

at the beginning of the play, Helena is in love v Demetrius—who once wooed her—but that is currently in love through Hermia. Hermia is in love with Lysander, yet Theseus...

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These lines are talked by Helena in ~ the end of the an initial scene that Shakespeare"s A Midsummer Night"s Dream.

At the start of the play, Helena is in love with Demetrius—who when wooed her—but that is now in love with Hermia. Hermia is in love through Lysander, but Theseus (Duke that Athens) agrees through Hermia"s father, Egeus, that Hermia need to be married to Demetrius, the male Egeus has chosen for her.

Hermia protests come the fight it out that she father need to not take into consideration her feeling in the matter or her feelings because that Lysander:

HERMIA: I would my dad look"d yet with my eyes. (1.1.58)

The duke responds that no matter what Hermia"s feelings toward Lysander are, she should respect she father"s wishes and marry Demetrius:

THESEUS: fairly your eyes should with his judgment look. (1.1.58–59)

This exchange of currently sets increase a motif that Shakespeare explores throughout the play come reinforce the template that "love is blind." as soon as a person is in love, that human being becomes irrational and unreasonable, and they check out what they want to see, one of two people in an additional person or in a specific situation.

Talking v Lysander later in the scene, Hermia rebels versus the idea the she must conform to her father"s wishes and also reinforces this motif:

HERMIA: O hell! to choose love by another"s eyes. (1.1.142)

Lysander and Hermia confide to Helena the they have made decision to run off with each other to Lysander"s aunt"s house, i beg your pardon is past the Duke"s" authority. Helena decides to usage this information to display Demetrius the Hermia doesn"t love him—that he can never marry her—and to victory Demetrius back for herself.

Helena is left alone in ~ the end of the scene, and in her monologue, she confesses that she"s envious the Lysander and also Hermia, jealous of Demetrius"s love because that Hermia (what does he see in Hermia the he doesn"t see in her?), and feels the Demetrius do a failure in preferring Hermia come her—but the she loves him anyway and wants that back.

She muses around the nature that love, and also the effect that love deserve to have on human being in general, and also on her in particular:

Love look at not through the eyes, however with the mind;And because of this is wing"d Cupid painted blind.Nor afoot Love"s mind of any kind of judgment taste;Wings and also no eyes, number unheedy haste. (1.1.239–242)

With this language, Helena describes that, when world fall in love—which they sometimes do at an initial sight (with "unheedy haste")—it affects their reasoning capacity and your judgment. Love blinds castle to every little thing except what they desire to check out in the other person, and their creativity runs away through them.

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Later in the play, Shakespeare illustrates this "love is blind" theme an extremely clearly. Titania has actually fallen hopelessly in love with Bottom. Bottom, that is not blinded through love and can see the instance as that is, wonders why Titania has fallen in love with him:

TITANIA: i pray thee, tenderness mortal, song again.Mine ear is much enamored of her note;So is mine eye enthralled to thy shape;And thy fair virtue"s pressure perforce doth relocate me,On the an initial view to say, to swear, ns love thee.

BOTTOM: Methinks, mistress, you must have small reasonfor that. And yet, come say the truth, reason and also love keeplittle agency together now-a-days. (3.1.129–136)