In addition to the continual tools offered by Nook, there are two variant tools that room obtainable in pet Crossing: City Folk. Unlock the different types of tools to make her responsibilities approximately the town quicker and also easier. Listed below is a Animal Crossing: City Folk tools guide that will guide you through getting silver and golden tools in City Folk.

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How to acquire Silver and gold Tools in pet Crossing: City Folk

How to obtain the silver Shovel


Visit the city in ~ night (After 8:00 PM) and also go to the right. Over there is a random possibility that two of the web traffic cones there will certainly be removed, permitting you to walk in. You will go into the Resetti monitoring Center. Talk to the Resetti stationed there, and they will provide you the silver- Shovel come leave. The silver- Shovel has actually a chance to twin the quantity of money acquired from the money rock. Enhanced Feng Shui likewise has the result of make the odds of doubling higher.

How to obtain the golden Shovel


The golden shovel is obtained by burying a previous shovel. If the tree grows all the way, you can shake the to attain a special gold shovel! The gold shovel have the right to plant money trees, although it does not retain the ability of the silver shovel.

How to gain the silver Fishing Rod


The silver- Fishing stick is sold on rarely occasions at Nook"s Shop after ~ you have actually upgraded it come at the very least a Nook N" Go. This rod provides it slightly much easier to catch fish.

How to gain the gold Fishing Rod


The gold Fishing rod is derived by capturing every fish in the game. After ~ you have completed this, Tortimer will give you her reward. This rod makes it significantly easier to capture fish, with a reduced chance of them escaping.

How to gain the Silver bug Net


The Silver network is sold hardly ever at Nook"s shop ~ you have actually upgraded it to at the very least a Nook N" Go. This net has a contempt larger pest catching radius.

How to get the Golden pest Net


The golden Net is derived by catching every an insect in the game. After ~ you have done this, Tortimer will offer you your reward. The golden net has actually a significantly larger an insect catching radius.

How to get the silver Axe


After you have actually donated 700,000 come the city fund, a fountain will be constructed in front of the bus stop. Throw in a constant axe, and depending on her luck and your answers come Serena"s questions, you will gain a silver- axe. This axe never breaks.

How to acquire the golden Axe


This axe is acquired in a comparable manner come the silver axe. That all relies on just how you price Serena. This axe never breaks and also chops faster.

How to get the silver- Slingshot


The silver- slingshot is is sold rarely at Nook"s shop ~ you have upgraded it come at the very least a Nook N" Go. This slingshot shoots 2 pebbles at once.

How to obtain the gold Slingshot


The golden slingshot is shot down after having shot down 8 typical balloons. The golden slingshot is carried by three golden balloons. If you miss your opportunity to hit the golden slingshot, girlfriend will have to shoot down one more 8 common balloons. This slingshot shoots 3 pebbles at once.

How to gain the silver Watering Can


The silver watering have the right to is mailed come you after buying 50 flower seeds from Tom Nook"s store. This deserve to increases the opportunity for hybrid flowers and also money trees to grow.

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How to acquire the gold Watering Can


The gold watering deserve to is derived by preserving a perfect town setting status for 15 days. Much like the silver- can, this watering can increases the opportunities for hybrid flowers and money tree to grow.