approximates suggest that an ext than 7 million animal varieties exist, although just 1.5 million have been scientifically described, which contains a million insect species. That this total, just some pets have English name that begin with the letter H. Examples of animals with surname that start with H include hawks, hares, hamsters, herons, hippopotamus, hoopoes, and honey bees.

Examples of pets That begin with the Letter H

Hammerhead Shark

The hammerhead shark is a group of sharks belonging to the household Sphyrnidae. Additionally, a big percentage that hammerhead shark species belong come the genus Sphyrna. These sharks are called after the distinctive and also unusual framework on their head, which is flattened and also extended right into a hammer shape. Hammerheads are known to inhabit warm waters follow me the continental shelves and also coastlines. These sharks are solitary in ~ night, however swim in schools throughout the day. Colleges of hammerhead sharks can be discovered near Molokai (Hawaii), the Galapagos archipelago in Ecuador, and Malpelo Island (Colombia).


A hamster is a rodent that belongs to the subfamily Cricetinae and also consists of 18 species. Although hamsters are established as common tiny house pets, those life in the wild spend a considerable amount of time foraging and also digging. Among the most usual hamster types that is kept as a pets is the golden or Syrian hamster. Other types of hamsters regularly kept as pets include the Roborovski hamster, winter white dwarf hamster, and also Campbell’s dwarf hamster. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures that invest the day underground to save away native predators.

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Hares room members the the genus Lepus and belong come the Leporidae family, along with rabbits. They have the same form, size, and herbivorous diets as rabbits, but have longer ears. Hares are native to the Japanese archipelago, north America, Eurasia, and also Africa. Lock are additionally one the the fastest pets in the world, and can reach speeds of up 45 mph. Hares have big feet and solid rear legs, which gives them toughness to sprint.


Horses are among the two enduring members the the Equus ferus subspecies. Horses have evolved for end 50 million years, from little multi-toed animals to huge single-toed creatures, and also humans began domesticating equines in about 4000 BC. Adult male horses are described as stallions, when females are well-known as mares. A young male equine is dubbed a foal, and also a young female horse is described as a filly. Horses have a lifespan of about 30 years, return the oldest recorded steed lived to age 62.

Importance of pets to people

Humans have constantly been dependent on other animals for survival, consisting of sources of food, fur, and also various other animal products.

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Humans also keep domesticated animals as pets because that companionship and also security.

1Hammerhead shark
7Hermit crab
12Honey bee
16Horseshoe crab
17Howler Monkey