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Louise is a self-absorbed mage at the reputation Tristain Academy. Unfortunately, she can’t actors magic right and also her classmates call her Louise the Zero. One day during a summoning ritual, Louise messes it increase again and summons a boy called Saito. At very first she treats him together a slave until she discovers a powerful brand ~ above him, the sign of a legendary acquainted known as Gandalfr.

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Although it originally seems like some fun, brightly fancy silliness, The familiar of Zero actually has a surprising amount the depth to it by the end. If you room looking for similar anime recommendations, climate look no further.

For fans of strong Females and also Weak Males

Shakugan no Shana

One day, Yuuji Sakai had his continual school life finish when he i do not care trapped in time and also attacked by an unknown being. Ideal as that is about to die, the is rescued by a nameless hunter v brilliant red hair. After being saved, the girl tells him the he is a Torch, a heart that has currently died and also is simply waiting to fizzle out.

Essentially, Shakugan no Shana has every little thing that The familiar of Zero has, however with an ext action if doing it. This deserve to be other sorely let go in very school oriented series like Zero. By if you like literal fiery redheads bossing about a weak man, then turn to Shana.


Rosario + Vampire

Due come his bad grades, Tsukune Aono to be unable to gain into any good high schools. However, at the critical minute, the was accepted to Youkai Academy. Regrettably for him, that is a high college for werewolves, vampires, and also other monsters. V the aid of a vampire and some other new girl friends that take a liking come him, Tsukune tries come hide his person status indigenous his classmates.

The acquainted of Zero has a solid harem vibe in its school setting. Rosario + Vampire is basically the same means only the has much more creatures. However, Rosario go spend much less time top top the mrs protagonist as regularly her only trait is love the masculine protagonist, despite she too has actually her tsundere side.


High institution DxD

Average pervert Issei Hyoudou has done nothing productive with his life save for dreaming the attracting a harem. Things are looking up as soon as a girl asks the on a date, however unfortunately she turns out to it is in a fallen angel and also brutal death him. However, he it s okay a second chance in ~ life as soon as a classmate (and devil) revives him come be she servant.

While High college DxD goes around it in a much much more ecchi way, the maintains the exact same school environment where the masculine protagonist ends up subservient to a more powerful female protagonist. Both space treated like servants, both room accused of gift perverts, and both it seems ~ pretty weak.

For fans of Transported come a new World



Japanese Self-Defense force solider and also otaku Youji Itami is in the Ginza district of Tokyo feeding his understanding one afternoon once a door to one more world opens and also medieval soldiers flood modern-day day Japan. When Itami, in conjunction with the neighborhood police, control to save plenty of civilian lives, his hero status forces him to go past the gate through his other soldiers to explore a mysterious new world filled with swords, magic, elves, and also dragons.

While The familiar of Zero is around is around a man being forced into a new world, door is about a man that ends up walking willingly. However, while that doesn’t have actually the exact same school setting, he ends up collecting self a tiny harem of girls the are, in theory, more powerful than himself.



On his means back indigenous buying a brand-new game, Kazuma Satou died a pathetic death. However, the awakens prior to the Goddess Aqua who gives him 2 choices: go to sky or reincarnate into an yes, really fantasy world. Naturally, the gamer picks the fantasy world. Now Kazuma must deal with defeating an evil demon king, useless party members, and paying living expenses.

Although different in feel, Konosuba and The familiar of Zero are relatively similar. Konosuba lacks the institution setting, but it does feature a male transported to a brand-new world wherein he end up through a harem of girls the all sort of suck in various respects. While not moe either, Konosuba is also a pretty great comedy, though an ext so because it is parody.


Tenchi Muyo! war on Geminar

After gift mysteriously transported indigenous Earth, Kenshi Masaki finds himself enlisted through a mysterious company on a planet called Geminar. Through the promise the being reverted home, the is tasked with piloting a mech and also fighting the Shtrayu Empire. After things go wrong and he ends up in prison, he should now redeem himself in stimulate to acquire home.

If you loved Zero’s fantasy world, then battle on Geminar provides you a great one to explore with the very same core concepts. However, Kenshi is not rather as weak together Saito appears to be, yet none the much less every single woman drops in love v him in his new world.

For pan of wonder Schools


Blade run of the Elementalers

As a prestigious institution for shrine princesses, Areishia spirit Academy trains its students to be elementalists. In bespeak to assist with this, they form slave contracts with spirits to bolster your power. Up until now, just females have had actually this power, until average male Kamito Kazehaya i do not care the an initial man in 1,000 year to kind a contract through a spirit.

These two collection are incredibly similar in so countless ways. Both are about basically mages that kind contracts v familiars to gain power. However, blade Dance seems to take it itself a little much more seriously in the plot, yet it still ends up a harem.


Dragonar Academy

Ansarivan Dragonar Academy is a institution that teaches those to tame and ride dragons. For most, this comes easily, yet not because that Ash Blake, the school’s difficulty child. He ended up being a laughing stock due to the fact that his dragon never appeared. One fateful day, however, that does, and also it is a beautiful girl!

Like The familiar of Zero, but in reverse, Dragonar Academy is about a watch loser-ish boy finally getting the partner that lock were wait for. Unfortunately, that companion is no as good as they to be hoping for. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this series puts focus on that lackluster action, its not as fun.


Baka and also Test

Akihisa Yoshii attends a school where the college student body is divided into classes based on the outcomes of tests. Unfortunately, after helping a fainting girl top top his location exams, Akihisa is placed on the shortest rung – F Class. When in this institution he can fight v augmented avatars empowered by test outcomes to stealing the exclusive right of higher classes, Akihisa is one idiot and also his classmates are none too bright either.

While not concentrating on magic, Baka and also Test is a great anime in a school setting that, like The familiar of Zero, has actually a high emphasis on summoning various things. Furthermore, the show likewise focuses on the bottom of the barrel students together well.

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Do girlfriend have any type of more an excellent anime recommendations favor The familiar of Zero? permit fans recognize in the comments section below.