a pure or practically pure, incredibly hard form of carbon, normally crystallized in the isometric system.

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a transparent, flawless or almost flawless item of this stone, particularly when cut and polished, valued as a valuable gem.
an equilateral quadrilateral, specifically as placed with that is diagonals vertical and also horizontal; a lozenge or rhombus.
diamonds, (used with a singular or plural verb) the suit so marked: Diamonds is trump. Diamonds are trump.
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1275–1325; center English diamant*diamant-, stem that *diamas, perhaps modification of *adimas (>French aimant magnet, Old Provençal aziman diamond, magnet), because that Latin adamasadamant, diamond
diametrical, diametrically, diamide, diamine, diammonium phosphate, diamond, diamond anniversary, diamondback, diamondback moth, diamondback rattlesnake, diamondback terrapin

A diamond is a clean gemstone known for its use in jewelry and its high price.

The word diamond can also refer to the material, which is among the hardest recognized substances. That has countless practical and also industrial applications, including for grinding and also polishing—many drill bits have actually diamond tips, for example.

Diamonds are maybe the most well-known gemstone supplied in jewelry. They space classified as valuable gems, definition that they have a high commercial value. Lock are often rated based upon four main qualities: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Plenty of cut diamonds room crystal clear, however sometimes they come in various other transparent colors, including pink, yellow, and blue (like the renowned Hope diamond). Some diamonds room synthetic—they’re manufactured in laboratories.

The diamond is the timeless birthstone for the month that April. It’s connected with the zodiac indicators Aries and also Taurus.

The native diamond is additionally used to describe a shape (♦), favor the one that’s used as among the four “suits” on play cards. Sometimes, it describes a form that looks prefer a reduced diamond gem. This is how the indigenous is supplied in baseball diamond.

Diamond have the right to be offered as one adjective to describe things that incorporate diamonds (as in a diamond necklace), room made of diamond (as in a diamond drill little tip), or are diamond-shaped or diamond-patterned, amongst other things.

The native diamond is occasionally used to explain a 75-year anniversary, together in It’s my grandparents’ diamond anniversary this year—I can’t think they’ve to be married for 75 years!

Example: Look at she ring—that should be the best diamond I’ve ever seen!

Etymologically speaking, the word diamond comes from the Latin adamas, an interpretation “hard metal” or “diamond.” the ultimately originates from Greek occupational that probably meant “unconquerable”—a reference to its famous hardness—from the prefix a-, an interpretation “not,” and damân, meaning “to tame” or “conquer.” The very first records of words diamond come from the late 1200s.

Naturally speaking, diamond is the purest type of carbon. Diamonds are created under conditions of excessive temperature and pressure. They space most frequently found in volcano rock. Only a small percentage the diamonds are an ideal for cutting into gemstones. Poorly formed ones are used in abrasives and in industrial cutting tools.

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The contemporary popularity that diamonds is often traced in component to a 1950s marketing campaign to associate them v engagement rings. Regardless of diamonds’ popularity, price, and reputation because that rareness, numerous other priceless gems are just as rarely or also rarer.

Due to their popularity in high value jewelry, diamonds are connected with wealth and also luxury. However, since diamond mining has actually a history that’s associated with exploitation of workers in war-torn areas, some civilization avoid diamonds or just purchase ones that room classified together “conflict-free.”

Meghan Markle's engagement ring has actually a diamond from the second biggest supplier of conflict-free diamonds — here room the finest countries to buy diamonds native https://t.co/4PglNK86ev pic.twitter.com/Jt5RNyTAY0

— organization Insider (
BusinessInsider) might 3, 2018

India is collection to end up being a significant hub because that the production as well as the processing of lab-grown diamonds and already accounts for around a quarter of worldwide lab-grown diamond output. Https://t.co/liWQnKlahK

— The organization of Fashion (
BoF) march 21, 2021

The world's many expensive diamond offered for $48.4 million USD.https://t.co/9Tm4uCs5ip pic.twitter.com/ySXCSodFSm