If the Buick ABS and also Traction lights remain on, it method the electronic Brake control Module (EBCM) has detected a problem. In many cases, the difficulty is led to by a bad wheel rate sensor.With the ABS light on, the wheels may lock up throughout emergency braking, causing the automobile skidding. Your auto may need a longer distance for braking or also lose traction once going around sharp curves.Buick EBCM troubles disable both the Anti-lock Brake mechanism (ABS) and Traction mechanism (TCS). Buick ABS problems can be diagnosed v an ABS scanner. 



Common symptoms you will an alert when her Buick ABS fails:

ABS light stays onTrac off warningWheels lock up under tough brakingService Stabilitrak irradiate on

Even despite the vehicle may operate, get the ABS diagnosed as quickly as possible.

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In addition to the warning lights, friend may also hear a brief and intermittent noise, click, grinding, or ABS pump motor noises native the vehicle"s within at parking lot speeds when braking.

You may also notification a business Message displaying in the Driver Information center (DIC).

What to do as soon as Buick ABS, BRAKE, TRAC light come on


The first thing the you should do is to pull over and check the brake liquid level safely.

Open the hood by pulling the hood relax under the hood. Next, locate the brake reservoir top top the driver"s next of the engine.

Look in ~ the side of the reservoir because that Min and Max marks. Verify the brake liquid level is between Min and also Max marks.

Do not run the auto if the brake liquid level is listed below the MIN mark.

If the brake liquid level is in ~ the recommended range, continue to the following step to diagnose the problem with one ABS scanner.

How come Diagnose and also Reset Buick ABS Light

To reset the Buick ABS light, girlfriend will should read the codes through an ABS scanner and deal with the problem. Then follow the steps listed below to reset the Buick ABS light. 

Park your vehicle and turn turn off the engine.
Turn top top the ignition. You don"t need to start the engine.Turn top top the scanner. Pick Buick from the main menu. Choose the ABS under control Units. Review Fault password to find out why her ABS light is on.

If you use a generic OBD-II scanner, you may not get any kind of codes in ~ all. As soon as you use an ABS scanner, you will acquire fault codes such as:

C0040 ideal Front Wheel speed Sensor CircuitC0045 Left behind Wheel speed Sensor CircuitC0050 right Rear Wheel rate Sensor Circuit Plausibility Failure

What reasons the ABS light on a Buick? 


One that the most common problems that trigger Buick ABS and also traction difficulties is a faulty ABS wheel rate sensor or debris in ~ the sensor"s tip.

A perform of possible problems that reason Buick ABS and also traction control problems.

ABS Wheel speed Sensor - The ABS sensor is mounted at every wheel hub. In part models, the ABS sensor is incorporated into the wheel hub. Dust at the reminder of the sensor can also trigger the ABS light.Steering edge sensor - The steering edge sensor is an installed on the steering column, listed below the steering wheel. It have the right to fail, which triggers the ABS and also traction regulate lights because the EDC module go not understand the steering wheel"s position.Faulty ABS pump - ABS pump itself deserve to fail. Contacts inside the circuit board break, or the brushes for the ABS motor might wear out. You can remove the old ABS pump and also ship it to a merchant that provides the ABS module rebuilt service. Technicians can repair her old unit, which is a lot cheaper 보다 replacing the ABS module.Bad relay - A faulty ABS module relay can gain stuck or avoid working.Low brake fluid - low brake fluid can cause the Brake light and, in some cases, the ABS light.Poor floor connection - negative ground connection between the engine and the ABS module can cause the ABS light.Dirt or debris on the ABS sensor tip - Dirt have the right to accumulate in ~ the ABS wheel rate sensor"s tip. This problem can avoid the ABS sensor from recording the correct wheel speed.

To uncover out why your Buick ABS light is on, you have to read the ABS module"s error codes.

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You can"t use a share scanner to retrieve ABS codes. You will need a scanner that works on Buick and also can diagnose the ABS modules, such as Foxwell for GM Buick or Autel All device Scanner.