AQW regulates List
To do it a command, include the forward slash, e.g /afk/afk: Toggles your AFK status on/off/report : brings up the report menu/join : bring away you to the wanted location/join -: You have the right to join tradition rooms end 1000 and also under 100000, as lengthy as they space not full. Joining an instance of 100000 or more results in you being transported to a arbitrarily instance between 99000 and 99999./goto : Go straight to a certain player (presuming that the location room is not full or a locked zone)/w

(space bar): whisper to who privately/tell (space bar): to whisper to who privately/ > (space bar): whisper to someone privately+click a surname in the conversation window: quickly lets you to whisper to the player/who: View individuals in the area/who : tells you if that human is logged on come the very same server together you. (Note: Glitches and does not work-related if the player"s name is composed of three or much more parts has spaces, i.e. A username such together Sora come Hoshi will not show up with the /who command nevertheless of being digital or not.)/s (space bar): Speak in normal chat/say (space bar): Speak in common chat/1 (space bar): Speak in regular chat/p (space bar): Speak in party chat (s, speak or 1 complied with by pushing the an are bar deactivates party chat)/ignore : Ignores a player.

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The players" names will certainly then be visible on the overlook List in the stimulate in i beg your pardon they to be ignored./unignore : Unignores a player. This command have the right to be also used top top words/phrases that room not component of usernames, and also they will certainly still be included to the disregard List./c (space bar): Speak in personal chat (after someone PM"s you) (s, to speak or 1 followed by pushing the space bar deactivates private chat)/r (space bar): reply to the last human being who whispered come you in private chat/> (space bar): reply to the last human who whispered come you in private chat (This command go not need a front cut "/" to be used)/partyon: Toggles party invites on/partyoff: Toggles party invites off/friendon: Toggles friend invites on/friendoff: Toggles girlfriend invites off/pmon: Toggles whispers on/pmoff: Toggles whispers off/friend : Invites player to sign up with your friends list/invite : Invites player to join your party/house : go to someone"s residence (if lock don"t have actually one, you space taken to Centaur 21 instead)/roll: Randomly rolls a number in between 1 and 100, within emote chat, in the format " rolfes a "./reload: Reloaded your character in the map rare/ps : Summons a player from another map (must be in your party to do so)/pi : Invites a player to her party/duel : Invites that person to PvP (Doomwood Arena only)/e/me/em : makes a tradition emote/gc : create a guild legendsmall.png/gd : Demotes a player in her guild./gi : Invites a player to your guild/gp : promotes a player in your guild/gr : clears a player from your guild/rg : Renames a guild Cost: 1,000 acs/g (space bar): Activates guild chat (s, to speak or 1 complied with by pressing the an are bar deactivates guild chat)/guild: bring up the list of guild members and also what server they"re on/motd: shows guild"s post of the day./motd : either creates or overrides a new message of the day (only if you"re the Guild Leader or a Guild Officer)Source: aqwwiki