Obi Two

The McGregor brothers prepare come fly. | Jomarnic bandb / YouTube

We all know actor Ewan McGregor, if only for his duty as Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. However do you recognize that there’s one Obi Two? Meet Colin McGregor, Ewan’s older brothers who just so happens to have had an exceptional 20 year career flying Tornado GR4s because that the RAF.

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(Obi Two, by the way, is his speak to sign.)

When these two brothers gain together, you recognize it’s going to it is in good. Just last year once the RAF rotate 100 year old, the brothers delved into the entire background of the RAF for the BBC documentary “RAF in ~ 100.”

RAF in ~ 100 – BBC Documentary

Flying WWI style. | Jomarnic bandb / YouTube

And by delved into history, we typical that castle spoke v Spitfire pilot Geoffrey Wellum who flew in the battle of brothers at simply 18, met v pioneer female pilots mary Ellis and Joy Lofthouse, and, wait because that it – they obtained to paris the planes that concerned define the RAF. their flights consisted of spins in the Spitfire, Chinook helicopter, and modern-day supersonic jets.

“Through Adversity come The Stars”

The BBC documentary takes a look in ~ the critical 100 year of the RAF. | Jomarnic bandb / YouTube

Founded on April 1, 1918, the royal Air pressure is the earliest independent air force in the world. during WWI, it was likewise the biggest air pressure in the world.

WWII brought substantial expansions v the notable enhancement of plenty of foreign forces like the royal Air Canadian wait Force, the royal Australian wait Force, and Polish and also Czechoslovakian forces. The most far-ranging air project victory in the background of the RAF, the fight of Britain, saved the uk from being taken end by the Germans. It likewise catapulted the Spitfire come national icon status.

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It’s an overwhelming to pack 100 year of rich history into simply 90 minutes, however this fast look with Ewan and Colin is definitely a treat.

See the exciting trailer below and also let us know if you’ve watched this piece!