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Exotic and Nongame varieties Permit FAQs

Q. I just purchased a regulated varieties at a pet store and also received a momentary permit. What is my following step?A. Please print the individual Hobby allow application type (pdf, 135kb). Fill it out fully and letter to the resolve on web page 2 v the short-term permit you obtained from the pet store attached. Please encompass a $10.00 examine or money bespeak if girlfriend purchased a mammal, reptile or amphibian or a $20.00 examine or money stimulate if you purchased a bird. (Checks and also money orders space payable come NJ department of Fish and Wildlife.)If friend did not purchase the regulated species from a new Jersey pet store, you will certainly not have actually a short-term permit, so please include duplicates of every one of the documentation you received from the out-of-state seller through your application and also correct fee.If you obtained the animal from another new Jersey resident, friend will need to obtain a copy of their present year separation, personal, instance Hobby Permit and also send that in through the application and correct fee.Q. I have actually an individual Hobby permit for the present year and have simply purchased another animal to include to it, what is my next step?A. Please make a copy the your current permit. ~ above the copy, write on it that you would choose to add the new regulated species, attach the momentary permit the you received or a copy that the hobby allow from the person you are obtaining them from and mail the in v the $2.00 amendment dues to:N.J. Division of Fish and also WildlifeWildlife patent UnitExotic and also Nongame Wildlife PermitsMail code 501-03P.O. Crate 420Trenton, NJ 08625-0420Q. I have actually a permit for the current year and also I would like to give away the animal as I deserve to no longer care for it. What perform I have actually to give the brand-new owner the the animal?A. Since the human being receiving the regulated types does not have a permit, please do a copy of your current year permit and give it to the human taking the animal(s) native you. They have to submit your initial separation, personal, instance Hobby Permit applications (pdf, 135kb) to get their own permit. The copy of your permit have to be contained when the receiver of the animal(s) sends in your application through the compelled fee.Q. The species on my permit has actually died and I no longer need the permit. What must I do?A.You deserve to either wait until November to send ago your rebirth application stating your pet has died and you no much longer need a permit, or you can call the Wildlife permits Unit in ~ 908-735-5450 or at exoticpermits
dep.nj.gov and also let us know what has happened. We will certainly update and also archive your details so girlfriend won"t receive a renewal form for the next year.Q. The animals detailed on my separation, personal, instance Hobby Permit have actually bred and I would prefer to be able to sell the offspring. What is the next step?
A.To store regulated species as pet in new Jersey, an separation, personal, instance Hobby allow is required. They may be bred under an individual Hobby Permit, yet they might NOT be sold. As soon as you decide to sell, then a advertising permit have to be obtained.If you room going come sell directly to individuals in brand-new Jersey, you are required to have a permit. The pets Shop-Retail Sales Permit applications (pdf, 83kb) must be submitted with the $100 fee. If you are going to offer to pets stores, then a various permit is needed.. The pet Dealer-Wholesale Sales Permit applications (pdf, 77kb) have to be submitted with the $100 fee.If you are planning on marketing to both individuals and commercial shop or dealers, then both Retail and also Wholesale Sales permits space required. Sleeve or everyone sales the regulated types is not permitted under an separation, personal, instance Hobby Permit.Q. Ns purchased 2 the the very same animal. Do I send in dual of the permit amount?A.The separation, personal, instance Hobby permit fee is $10 if it includes only amphibians, reptiles and also mammals; the fees is $20 if it has birds. The dues is for the permit; you do not pay every individual regulation animal. You re welcome send just the specified amount.Q. I have actually a name or deal with change to do on my current permit. Just how do i let the department know about it?A.If you have to make a name adjust or an resolve change before the e-mail of your permit renewal, you may let us know by email what the adjust is. You re welcome e-mail the Wildlife patent Unit in ~ exoticpermits
dep.nj.gov.If you have actually received your regeneration notice, please show the readjust on the renewal form and return it come the address listed with the correct fee.Q. I have actually moved out of state. Am ns still forced to have actually a NJ Exotic and Nongame types permit?
A. If you have actually moved out of state, friend no longer need a allow in new Jersey. You can either e-mail the Wildlife permits Unit at exoticpermits
dep.nj.gov v the information, or if you have actually received and also renewal notice, please show your deal with change and return the rebirth without the fee to the attend to provided.Q. I simply purchased a regulated types at the pet store in brand-new Jersey and also received a momentary permit, but I live the end of state. Execute I require an separation, personal, instance Hobby Permit?
A.No, you perform not. An individual Hobby permit is just for NJ citizens keeping exotic pet in the state.If your inquiry is not answered over contact the Wildlife permits Unit in ~ exoticpermits
dep.nj.gov or 908-735-5450.
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