T5 and also T8 lighting fixtures have actually been the typical light fixture used come brighten up offices, schools, industrial warehouses, and also homes for years.

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With their pipe shape and decent length, their advantages include the truth that they have the highest effectiveness in lighting larger rooms.

Both the T5 and T8 fluorescent pear sizes have actually been the backbone the office lighting, school lighting, and industrial lighting for a few generations but what is the difference in between T8 vs T5 lighting?

What walk The “T” was standing For?

The “T” stands for “tube” and is a simple method to recognize the lighting and also separate the from other creates of fluorescent bulbs. The T is discovered in both fluorescent lighting and also LED lights.

Different codes space made for different levels that lighting, relying on the levels of energy efficiency and the dimension of the pear in diameter. The T doesn’t relate to the power directly, but it can impact the application.

The “5” in the T5 pear represents the size of the light bulb and also the fixture. The is 5/8 customs (16 mm) in pipe diameter.

The T8 to represent 8/8 inch in diameter (1 inch or 26 mm).

Fluorescent tube lengths are expressed in feet, through 8 foot and also 4 foot gift the most common length the fluorescent bulbs.


Why convert to LED beats Fluorescent T5 and also T8 Tubes

The T5 and also T8 fluorescent light tubes have been the backbone of industrial warehouse lighting and also residential areas for decades. It’s frequently hard to remember the as technology advances, over there are newer and far better options out there.

When it concerns looking in ~ an different to the T5 and also T8 fluorescent tubes and also the illumination they provide, it’s necessary to look at at overall efficiency and also cost of converting fluorescent tube lights to LED pipe lights.

The T5 fluorescent tube light used to be the best selection in regards to life expectancy, efficiency, brightness, and also cost.

However, LED replacements conserve on mean 45%-65% the the energy costs contrasted to fluorescent T5 and also T8 lamps. You have the right to see ideal away with the longevity factor how this is so:

T5 and T8 bright last about 20,000 hours on average.

In comparison to LED fixtures, you’re looking at 35,000 come 50,000 hours (some even go come 200,000 hours). This way you can be getting dual the life span of LED tube lighting vs fluorescent T5 and T8 tube lights.

This means fewer replacements, less all at once repairs, maintenance, and also upkeep. LED irradiate bulbs and also fixtures also don’t need ballasts, i beg your pardon is less to go wrong. Friend can likewise get an ext Lumen calculation for your dollar when contrasted to fluorescent bulbs.

All LED tube lighting fixtures, consisting of 8 foot LED tube lights are also mercury-free, which means disposing of lock will have a lower influence on the setting as the traditional T5/T8 lighting.

WIth LED light fixtures, you have an ext options with light efficiency. Since many LED pipe lights can have dimming controls, you space able to reduced the brightness (and lower the power use if necessary), whereas, v fluorescent lighting, girlfriend can’t, the ballasts are designed to only administer a collection voltage.

When utilizing an LED lighting fixture, you’re likewise able to make more use that the shade rendering table of contents (CRi) when working on color-sensitive tasks (such as design studios). Specialist manufacturers exist v a range of color temperatures, i beg your pardon in turn influence the color rendering table of contents (CRi values).

LED pipe lighting is much more expensive up front compared to fluorescent T5/T8 lighting, however when do a comparison of life expectations (and longer warranties), the LED irradiate comes out on peak regardless that the application, saving you much more money in the lengthy run.

Frequently request Questions

If you’re convert from fluorescent lamps come LED for the an initial time, girlfriend may have some questions. Here’s the most common questions the we get asked.

Are T5 and T8 bulbs interchangeable?

T5 and also T8 bulbs are typically not interchangeable as each tube has a various diameter. You require the ballasts come marry up v the pen sockets which deserve to vary throughout manufacturers. Part ballasts deserve to be tweaked, however it’s usually recommended that you don’t attempt it.

Are T5 brighter than T8?

No, T5 bulbs are not considered brighter 보다 their T8 counterpart. T5 bulbs space typically an ext energy efficient than T8 lamps, but with advancements in LED technology this may no longer always be the case.

What is the difference between T5, T8 and T12?

The just difference in between T5, T8 and also T12 bulbs is the pipe diameter. A T5 bulb is 5/8ths of an customs in diameter, a T8 lamp is precisely one inch in diameter (8/8ths) and also a T12 tube is 12/8ths, or one and a fifty percent inches thick.

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How carry out I know what size fluorescent tube i need?

Every fluorescent tube should have its details printed top top either finish of the tube. This info will typically tell friend the length or dimension of the fluorescent tube, as well as the pen type.