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…right far I must state “not what the girl in the picture above is wearing!”. The constantly amazes me how little care and also attention part gymnasts give to the way they look, and it amazes me more that coaches allow them take to the floor or apparatus in the state lock do due to the fact that judges will certainly deduct points if your underwear is visible. An excellent quality gymnastics leotards may expense a lot but are well worth the investment, yet that invest is because that nothing if you wear unreasonable underwear the gets friend a points deduction.

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Don’t undertake underwear!

It deserve to be challenging to conceal underwear beneath your leotard and, to prevent a clues deduction for an inadvertent flash of underwear, countless gymnasts walk without while competing.

This is no so poor as swimmers don’t wear any underwear and also a leotard is very comparable to a swim suit in respect to cut and also style. (Did you recognize that many synchronized swimming teams wear gymnastics leotards in their competitions since they are an ext “glitzy” than available swim suits?)

If you feel uncomfortable going without, there space some tricks and also tips the can assist you keep your underwear native showing.

Beware!: If girlfriend do plan on not wearing any kind of underwear carry out remember that some Lycra fabrics are really thin and, particularly under shining competition lights, deserve to be see-through.

Wear high-cut panties!

If you choose to undertake underwear for modesty’s benefits or for your very own comfort then carry out remember that leotards are cut high in ~ the hips, so don’t undertake low reduced panties together they will show.

Be certain to undertake high cut panties; our run thong is ideal as it will not be clearly shows if the leotard rides up throughout your routine due to the fact that it is high cut and does not cover the buttocks. This underwear is also not likely to present visible pantie currently beneath her leotard. Additionally, the run thong is flesh coloured, light load and really comfortable come wear.

Wear the appropriate bra

Wear a run comfort right bra together the straps room clear so will certainly not show at the top of your leotard, and also there room no ribs or seams to show through her leotard or to dig in to your ribs during floor work. If her leotard has actually a low or keyhole back then wear Capezio’s bra through clear ago and shoulder straps.

Keep the all wherein it belongs!

Use butt glue to save your leotard and also underwear in place. Target glue is a human body adhesive the was originally supplied in beauty beauty pageants to keep the swim suits native riding up. Gymnasts additionally use this product to host their leotards in place. Use the adhesive to your skin and press the edge of the leotard onto the adhesive.

The dreaded camel toe

over there is now a device that gymnasts have the right to use to avoid obtaining a camel toe – that is dubbed the SmoothGroove and it deserve to be bought native here.

The SmoothGroove come in Black, White and also Clear (we recommend clear for gym leos) and even though they remain in place an extremely well by us they perform come through optional Velcro pads to make doubly sure that it remains in place during your routine.

Here is what us recommend you wear with your gymnastics leotard





At all prices please protect against flashing her pants!

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