The circuit which consists of only inductance (L) and not any kind of other quantities favor resistance and also capacitance in the circuit is called apure inductive circuit.In this type of circuit, the current lags behind the voltage by an angle of 90 degrees.

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So, the phase angle between v(t) and also i(t) in the offered circuit is 90°.

Phasor Diagram:


The clockwise direction is taken together the confident direction.∴ We deserve to conclude that the existing (I) lags the voltage (V) in a completely inductive circuit.

Important Points:

In a purely resistive circuit, the present is in phase through voltage and the power variable is unity.In a completely inductive circuit, the current lags the voltage by 90° and also the power element is zero lagging.In a completely capacitive circuit, the present leads the voltage by 90° and also the power aspect is zero leading.
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