We"ve covered the lights that you require for powered recreational vessels, currently let"s look in ~ the requirements for sailboats and also other unpowered boats.

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If you space operating a sailboat that is over 23 feet in length, or 7 meters, you require to display screen the following navigation lights when operating in between sunset and also sunrise or in periods of restricted visibility:

A white stern light the is visible at 135 degrees and from two miles.And one pair that red and green sidelights that room visible at 112.5 degrees and from one mile away.

Another choice for sailboats of this size is to display screen an all-around irradiate configuration, sometimes called a tricolor light, i beg your pardon is clearly shows from a street of 2 miles. This irradiate configuration has three sections: red at port, environment-friendly at starboard and also white in ~ the stern.

Sailing Vessels



Figure A

Sternlight (aft) —135 degrees visible fromtwo miles.Sidelights (either an unified or separate) — 112.5 degrees visible native one mile.

Figure B

Tricolor light merged in one lantern (red, green, white)White— 135 levels (stern)Green — 112.5 degrees (starboard)Red — 112.5 degrees (port)

Note: A tricolor light have the right to only be displayed while underway under sails alone and also must not be supplied when under power whether or not sails are hoisted. This light must not be supplied when the regular sidelights are on. Either the sidelights or the tricolor light might be displayed, however not both.

Vessels Under Oars or Paddles and Sailboats Under 23 FT

If you are operating a sailboat the is much less than 23 feet or 7 meter in length, you space only required to screen a white light, such together a lantern or a flashlight, when operating in between sunset and also sunrise or during periods of limited visibility. However, it"s quiet a great idea to display screen the navigation lights for bigger sailboats if possible.

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The demands for tiny sailboats additionally apply to various other unpowered boats under 23 feet in length, such together canoes, kayaks and rowboats. When boating in between sunset and also sunrise or during periods of restricted visibility, you need to display screen a white irradiate so the other watercrafts can watch you with time to stop a collision.