(risks plural & 3rd person present) (risking present participle) (risked past it is too dirty & past participle )

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1  n-var If over there is a riskof something unpleasant, over there is a possibility that it will certainly happen. oft N that n, N that There is a little risk of brain damage indigenous the procedure..., In all the confusion, there"s a serious risk the the main worries will be forgotten.  
2  n-count 
If something that you carry out is a risk, it might have unpleasant or undesirable results. You"re acquisition a large risk reflecting this come Kravis...  
3  n-count 
If girlfriend say the something or someone is a risk, you typical they are likely to reason harm. usu through supp It"s being overfat the constitutes a wellness risk..., The restaurant has actually been refurbishedit was found to it is in a fire risk...  
4  n-count 
If friend are taken into consideration a an excellent risk, a financial institution or shop thinks the it is for sure to loan you money or let you have products without paying because that them at the time. supp N Before providing the cash, they will have to decide even if it is you room a good or poor risk...  
5  verb 
If you danger something unpleasant, you perform something i m sorry might an outcome in that thing happening or affecting you. Those who fail to register risk major penalties...  V n/-ing 
6  verb 
If you risk doing something, you execute it, also though you understand that it can have undesirable consequences. The captain was no willing to risk taking his ship v the straits in such bad weather.  V -ing/n 
7  verb 
If you threat your life or something rather important, you behave in a way that might result in that being shed or harmed. She risked her very own life to assist a disabled woman...  V n 
8 To be at risk method to be in a instance where miscellaneous unpleasant might happen. ♦at risk 
 phrase v-link PHR, oft PHR the n Up come 25,000 work are still in ~ risk...  
9 If you execute something in ~ the danger of something unpleasant happening, you carry out it even though you recognize that the unpleasant thing might happen together a result. ♦at the risk of sth 
 phrase PHR n/-ing At the risk of gift repetitive, I will say again the statistics are only a guide...  
10 If girlfriend tell someone the they are doing something at their very own risk, you space warning castle that, if they room harmed, it will certainly be their very own responsibility. ♦at one"s own risk 
 phrase PHR after v Those who wish come come right here will do so in ~ their own risk.  
11 If you operation the riskof law or enduring something undesirable, you execute something understanding that the undesirable thing might happen together a result. ♦run a risk 
 phrase V and also N inflect The officers had run the hazard of gift dismissed...  
risk management 
 Risk monitoring is the skill or task of deciding what the threats are in a particular situation and also taking activity to avoid or reduce them.  n-uncount 
risk-taking  Risk-taking method taking plot which could have uncomfortable or undesirable results.  n-uncount ...a more entrepreneurial climate, with confident encouragement the risk-taking and innovation.  
security risk 
  (security risks plural )If you describe someone as a protection risk, you typical that they might be a risk to the security of a nation or organization.  n-count 

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