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Honey GatherCombee has actually a opportunity of choose up honey after each battle, with much better chances at higher levels.HustleCombee"s Physical-based moves execute 50% much more damage, however the accuracy of those moves is lessened by 20% of its original amount.

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Below you"ll find a list of all Pokémon Combee evolves indigenous or into, along with its evolution method.
Combee starting form
Below is a perform of every one of the moves the Combee can learn, together with what level that learns the move, the TM or TR number, and also what egg moves it deserve to learn, if any. Hover over a move (desktop/laptop) or click the ? button next to the relocate (mobile/tablet) to uncover out an ext about the move.
Here are every one of the move Combee learns via level up. Anything significant "Evo." way it learns the upon evolving. If the level is 1, it can be relearned in ~ a Pokémon Center.
Here are all of the moves the Combee have the right to learn via TM (Technical Machine). These moves have the right to be teach an unlimited variety of times when the TM is obtained.
Here are every one of the moves that Combee can learn via TR (Technical Record). These moves can be teach only as soon as per TR, however TRs have the right to be acquired in the Wild Area and also other locations.
Here are all of the moves that Combee deserve to learn from Move Tutors. Most of these need the Expansion Pass and also can be discovered in the Isle the Armor"s Dojo, costing some Armorite Ore to teach. However, there space a few moves that can be teach aside native this.
Below you"ll find a more detailed table containing Combee"s calculated stats, which space the stats the you in reality see displayed in game. This are affected by a range of things, such as level, effort Values (EVs), Individual worths (IVs), and Combee"s Nature.By default, the stats you watch in the table below show four various possibilities, all assuming Combee is level 100: the stats with 0 EVs, 252+ (max) EVs, 0 IVs, and also 31 (max) IVs. Nature is not shown through default, therefore its maximum is 10% higher than shown here, and minium 10% lower.
(No Nature)Lonely (-Def)Adamant (-SAt)Naughty (-SDf)Brave (-Spd)Bold (-Atk)Impish (-SAt)Lax (-SDf)Relaxed (-Spd)Modest (-Atk)Mild (-Def)Rash (-SDf)Quiet (-Spd)Calm (-Atk)Gentle (-Def)Careful (-SAt)Sassy (-Spd)Timid (-Atk)Hasty (-Def)Jolly (-SAt)Naive (-SDf)HardyDocileBashfulQuirkySerious(Not Dynamaxed)Lv. 10 (Max)---Lv. 0Lv. 1Lv. 2Lv. 3Lv. 4Lv. 5Lv. 6Lv. 7Lv. 8Lv. 9244
If you"re trying to find where to discover Combee, you"ll uncover the assorted methods listed down below, in addition to any notes or special locations. This should assist you figure out exactly how to get Combee in Pokémon sword & Shield. (Currently this does not show most "strong" static encounters or Max Raid Battles.)

Combee in the Wild

Rolling FieldsOverworld EncountersNorm.Over.RainStrm.SunSnowBliz.Sand.Fog
Lv. 7-10
Rolling fields (West Grass)Overworld EncountersNorm.Over.RainStrm.SunSnowBliz.Sand.Fog
Lv. 7-10
Honeycalm IslandOverworld EncountersNorm.Over.RainStrm.SunSnowBliz.Sand.FogRandom EncountersAny Weather
Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45Lv. 40-45
30%Lv. 43-48

The members of the trio spend all your time together. Each one has a slightly various taste in nectar.

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This Pokémon is a collection of three. When they sleep, they conference up and type a huge hive that 100 Combee.