Bad Girls club 4 is the fourth season of the Oxygen reality television series, bad Girls Club. The 4th season was likewise the last season to movie in Los Angeles, California till season six. Negative Girls society 4 became Oxygen"s "most watched tv show" beating out the vault season. Negative Girls society 4 premiered top top Oxygen top top December 1, 2009. The two-part reunion one-of-a-kind aired march 16, 2010, and component two on march 23, 2010, v Perez Hilton returning together the host. Season 4 to be the first season to have had a two part reunion show.

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Bad Girls society - Season : 4

Season 4 episode 1 - off the wall

The Season 4 opener introduce seven new "bad girls"—Annie, Flo, Kate, Kendra, Natalie, Portia and Amber—who swoop in ~ above a high-end Los Angeles mansion and shot to coexist through one another. Air date : 1st-Dec-2009Read More

Season 4 illustration 2 - I operation LA!

Self-proclaimed house leader Natalie is in because that a crude awakening once the other bad Girls won"t bending to her ways, leading to an explosive battle that could send one of them packing. When the various other girls resist assorted attempts at house dominance by Natalie, Kate quickly discovers she inner bad Girl once she stands up to the house dictator. Kendra and also Natalie"s budding alliance is threatened as soon as the two come to blows during an explosive argument. Air date : 8th-Dec-2009Read More

Season 4 episode 3 - No an ext Mr. Nice girl

Flo unleashes she wrath ~ above the house when she is suddenly betrayed, when Kendra renders a shocking decision that rips the residence in two. Air date : 15th-Dec-2009Read More

Season 4 episode 4 - Can"t buy Me Love

Portia"s house life take away its toll, and also she snaps as soon as Natalie goes also far; Annie tries her luck at rate dating. Portia leaves the house. Air date : 22nd-Dec-2009Read More

Season 4 episode 5 - Don"t Sweat the new Bitch

Newest poor girl Lexie arrives at the house and stumbles right into a house separated where she is meant to select sides; Natalie"s partnership with Olamide bring away a turn for the worst, leading her to set her sights on a new man. Air day : 5th-Jan-2010Read More

Season 4 illustration 6 - Paul and Kate Plus dislike

Kate"s friend Paul visits, bringing out the worst in Natalie, and also prompting Kate to safeguard her man"s honor; Flo"s disapproval of Kendra"s promiscuous way of life leads to a confrontation in between the two. Air date : 12th-Jan-2010Read More

Season 4 episode 7 - poor Break

When Flo sets out to woo a woman, an appalled Amber"s disapproval of Flo"s same-sex desire ignites a fiery confrontation the might adjust the residence dynamics because that good. Meanwhile, the women pose for a photograph shoot, and they reassemble through the baddest "bad girl". Air day : 19th-Jan-2010Read More

Season 4 illustration 8 - Friend??? Or Frenemy?

Natalie lures Kate right into an unlikely alliance, triggering an upset backlash native the rest of the house, particularly Kendra. Elsewhere, Annie becomes fed up v being walked every over and finally defends herself while emerging a harder edge. Air date : 26th-Jan-2010Read More

Season 4 illustration 9 - Sex, Lies and Bigfoot

Kate"s connection with Paul is doomed ~ she has actually a bisexual experience, when Natalie and also Flo become fierce rivals. Air day : 2nd-Feb-2010Read More

Season 4 illustration 10 - Go with the Flo

Flo"s toxic perspective continues come alienate the girls, leading to the most shocking goodbye in negative Girls history. Meanwhile, Natalie gains Amber"s respect during a street brawl between Amber and a club patron. Amber"s boyfriend visits, giving Amber a new sense of hope for your relationship. Air day : 9th-Feb-2010Read More

Season 4 illustration 11 - The Puppet understand

The women head come Santa Barbara for a girls" getaway and a respite from thorny mansion politics. Yet there"s a collision food of egos and wills in between Kendra and also Natalie, resulting in a no-holds-barred street fight. Air day : 16th-Feb-2010Read More

Season 4 episode 12 - Clip display

The clip display highlights season four"s dramas, and permits viewers to view what castle didn"t obtain to check out on TV and also an individual thoughts indigenous the original eight poor girls around their season. Consisted of in the special are never-before watched footage and extras the weren"t proved on televison. Air date : 23rd-Feb-2010Read More

Season 4 illustration 13 - Amber Alert!

Air date : 2nd-Mar-2010Read More

Season 4 episode 14 - Out through a Bang

Air date : 10th-Mar-2010Read More

Season 4 illustration 15 - Reunion, component 1

Air day : 16th-Mar-2010Read More

Season 4 episode 16 - Reunion, component 2

Air day : 23rd-Mar-2010Read More

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