This web page will cover everything of meaning in Showdown Town, favor Mumbo Crates, Klungo"s Arcade, Jinjo Bingo, and so on.

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Jiggy Bank

The Jiggy bank is that huge circular tank over the key square the you put the Jiggies you knife into. You deserve to extract Jiggies you success from Jig-o-vend"s scattered approximately town. After ~ the police start to patrol Showdown Town, there"s a opportunity that they"ll consider the possession of your Jiggies as some type of attempt at smuggling, and will shot to avoid you. There"s nothing to prevent this indigenous happening, however staying away from the police wouldn"t hurt.

Some Jiggies, 34 to it is in exact, are available exclusively in Showdown Town. Trophy thomas can offer you 24, five can be bought, and also five space earned by activating switches. Information on all three of this subcategories have the right to be discovered below.

My first BankBank your first Jiggy in Showdown Town


2 guides

Little BankerBank 10 Jiggies in Showdown Town


1 guide

Big BankerBank 30 Jiggies in Showdown Town


Trophy Thomas

Trophy thomas is a brand-new character in the franchise the rewards you through trophies if girlfriend beat a challenge in a fast enough time. Beating 4 different difficulties at TT typical will prize you with a Jiggy the you can pick up at his house, i m sorry is southeast of the main square. Since you have to collect all of the Jiggies in the game for an achievement, you"ll need to beat 96 the the 97 challenges at TT standard, so you"re usually going to have to outdo that in whatever there is to do. The success related come him and also his trophies stop at sixty, however the Jiggies room what"s an ext important.

Mumbo Crates

Mumbo Crates, together you currently know indigenous the getting Started page, contain vehicle parts that you can use to produce things to her heart"s content. Although few of them room much more in the open, others are a lot harder come find, for this reason a complete guide on every one of them has been provided, consisting of a video showing wherein each one is. The video clip also goes over the crates the you should"ve gathered at the begin of the game, for this reason if you want to gain them all, you could want to make a list and also mark this off as you go.

Note: you don"t need any type of other crates to do the Laser net Glitch, however having at the very least one with you will certainly make the glitch an ext successful on average. Shot to save easy-to-get crates for the ones trapped behind lasers so friend can obtain them before you gain the laser itself.

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts | Mumbo Crates

If you examine the statistics in the stop menu, you"ll watch that there are 57 Mumbo Crates to turn in. This excludes the one in the tutorial, i beg your pardon is significant as gift #1, but also includes every seven protect against "n" Swop Crates. Friend can uncover a different chart and more information on those listed below this one.

Crate NumberContentsDescription
01Standard Seat, traditional Wheel (x4), tiny Engine, small Fuel, Tray, small Taxi chair (x2), small Ammo, irradiate Cube (x50), irradiate Wedge (x50), Light edge (x50), irradiate Pole (x50), irradiate L-Pole (x50), irradiate T-Pole (x50), light Panel (x50), irradiate L-Panel (x50), irradiate T-Panel (x50)This is the crate the you need to turn in as component of the tutorial.
02 irradiate Cube (x50), irradiate Wedge (x50), Light edge (x50), light Pole (x50), irradiate L-Pole (x50), irradiate T-Pole (x50), light Panel (x50), irradiate L-Panel (x50), irradiate T-Panel (x50)Check the northwestern edge of Mumbo"s electric motors to find this one. I suggest keeping this crate roughly until you gain some the the crates stuck in laser grids first.
03Egg GunThis crate is ~ above the eastern side that the an initial two action of Nutty Acres. I suggest keeping this crate roughly until you obtain some the the crates grounding in laser grids first.
04Fulgore"s FistThis crate is on the western side of the an initial two acts of Nutty Acres. I suggest keeping this crate about until you obtain some that the crates stuck in laser grids first.
05Standard Wheel (x4), small FuelThis crate is right alongside Humba Wumba. I suggest keeping this crate roughly until you get some of the crates grounding in laser grids first.
06AerialUse the pole phibìc of Mumbo"s electric motors to reach the roof of said shop, and also you"ll uncover this crate there.
07Bumper (x4)Crate 07 is on optimal of a statue in former of the doors come LOGBOX 720. You have the right to just traction it down through the wrench.
08Small Ammo, little EngineYou can acquire this crate anytime you decision to go down to LOGBOX 720. It"ll be sit by itself to the right in an easily available location on top of one of the wooden walkways associated to the stage.
09Cruisin" irradiate (x2), tree Pot, spirit of Pants, Windscreen (x2),You should"ve choose this one up already, however this is the crate ~ above the roof the L.O.G."s Factory.
10Large Taxi seat (x2)Just southern of the lighthouse space a tall, old tower and also some ruins on a hill with this crate on it. You have the right to jump top top the damages to the left the the crate to with it.
11High fixed Wheel (x4), TrayCheck the east gate of town, which throughout a bridge and also north of Trophy Thomas"s house.
12Standard wing (x2)Drive west that the action 3 door because that Nutty Acres and also you"ll uncover a eco-friendly slippery steep to the south. Head up there and also over a damaged bridge to discover this crate.
13Sinker (x2), Fulgore"s FirstDrive or swim in the canal connecting the lakeside come Boggy"s Gym, and also you"ll find a small opening v this crate visible inside. It"ll it is in to the north.
14Spotlight (x2)This crate is above Pikelet"s police station. There room actually to adjust of stairs top top both sides the you can use to reach it.
15Spec-O-SpyThis crate being held in a storage container in the dockyard. Rise the cranes holding the up, and also you can use a switch to bring it down.
16Tow Bar (x4)This crate being hosted in a warehouse container in the dockyard. Climb the cranes holding the up, and also you have the right to use a switch to bring it down.
17Balloon (x6)Check the backside the Klungo"s Arcade by control or walking along the wood catwalk.
18FreezeezyTo the left that the warp panel because that Uptown is a a pole through a tightrope attached to it. Climb the pole and also walk throughout to get to the roofs that the structures here, and also cross another tightrope to with this crate.
19GyroscopeBuy the Trapdoor Tower #1 combination from Bottles, eastern of the key square, and also then head to the optimal of the police station. There"s a tightrope you can use at the peak to cross end to the roof that the tower, and enter the combination. The combination will be various for everyone, and you won"t need to write the down; a speech bubble through the mix will appear as you enter it.
20Egg Turret, Balloon (x6)Look underneath the rising slope to the lighthouse near the seaside warp panel. There should be a tiny cave down there v this crate inside.
21Sail (x2), Floater (x4)To the appropriate of the northern gate is a little island connected to the wall bordering the town. This crate is stranded on that island, surrounding by Notes.
22Medium Fuel, hefty Cube (x50), hefty Wedge (x50), Heavy edge (x50), heavy Pole (x50), hefty L-Pole (x50), hefty T-Pole (x50), heavy Panel (x50), hefty L-Panel (x50), heavy T-Panel (x50)Drive up the slippery steep to the best of the Banjoland Jig-o-vend to find this crate sitting every by itself.
23Medium Engine, tiny Propeller (x2), big TrayCross the tightrope next to where Crate 22 was.
24Detacher (x2), little Taxi seat (x2)Crate 24 is sitting the end in the open next to some the the action of Banjoland. There"s a wooden bridge the you can use after rolling increase the left slope by the Banjoland Jig-o-vend.
25Armor (x16), little EngineYou"ll uncover this crate on the climb as much as the optimal of the crane.
26Ejector Seat, Boot-In-A-BoxThis crate is top top the an extremely top of the crane.
27Liquid Squirter, Spoiler (x2)Drive with the canal defined for Crate 13 and keep going until you can gain to a small area on the right. A slanted roof (you"ll require high grip wheels) is maintaining this crate in ~ the height at a level surface. You have to go because that Crate 29 next.
28Self-DestructThis crate is on top of the Jiggy Bank. Girlfriend could usage the tightrope over some that the Banjoland doors to acquire there, yet you could likewise just hover up to it.
29Egg Turret, light Cube (x50), irradiate Wedge (x50), Light corner (x50), light Pole (x50), light L-Pole (x50), irradiate T-Pole (x50), irradiate Panel (x50), irradiate L-Panel (x50), irradiate T-Panel (x50)This crate is also obtainable from the canal, however you may as well drive with it indigenous Boggy"s side. When you acquire to the slanted roof (see Crate 27), get earlier up to the flat part at the top and climb the gutter come the west.
30Medium Engine, medium Ammo, heavy Cube (x50), heavy Wedge (x50), Heavy corner (x50), hefty Pole (x50), heavy L-Pole (x50), heavy T-Pole (x50), heavy Panel (x50), hefty L-Panel (x50), hefty T-Panel (x50)Hover come the rooftops over Humba Wumba"s shop (or use the spring to obtain there native the south), and you"ll have the ability to get this crate sit up there.
31Suck-N-Blow, small FuelBuy the Trapdoor Tower #2 combination from Mr. Fit, that will it is in jogging around Showdown Town. You can only buy it as soon as he stops to take it a breather, yet he fortunately stops ideal by the bridge alongside the tower. If you don"t have actually the feather to gain to the tightrope top top the nearby roof, you can just hover up to the top and also put the password in. The combination will be different for everyone, and also you won"t have to write it down; a decided bubble with the combination will appear as you go into it.
32Weldar"s Breath, conventional Wheel (x4), Bumper (x4)Buy the Trapdoor Tower #3 mix from Captain Blubber, that will be standing alongside the warp panel to Uptown. The combination will be various for everyone, and also you won"t need to write it down; a speech bubble through the combination will show up as you enter it.
33Sticky Ball, small AmmoCrate 33 is by the LOGBOX 720 doors. Girlfriend can get it at an early stage by hovering as much as it through something nearby, or you can properly obtain to it as soon as you earn a feather for your trolley.
34Small Propeller (x2), Sail (x2), Floater (x4)The lighthouse is very close to the seaside warp panel. To get to the crate, though, you"ll either need a spring, or other to float with. If you desire to hover, that won"t last longer than a second until you can acquire onto the very first part of the lighthouse.
35Grenade pistol (x2)This crate is by the docks, close to one the the action of the Jiggosseum. You deserve to stack few of the wood boxes through the dock to acquire to the or, if you"re yes, really lazy, you deserve to hover up to it.
36Folding wing (x2)If you proceed up the path from Crate 35, you"ll have the ability to see this one throughout a fairly wide gap. Shot to use your wrench and attack to do your method across, or float to it through Crate 35.
37Box, Egg pistol (x3)Travel about the long rock path circling the docks to get to the red Jinjo house and also this crate. There"s a pile of sand and also trash blocking component of the path, but this have the right to be solved by simply picking your trolley up and placing it earlier down past the junk. Friend could additionally just hover up to the crate and also not bother through the path.
38Vacuum, spring (x3)This crate is sitting inside Uptown, right in former of a laser grid (or behind it depending on your perspective). It"s grab-able from the inside of Uptown, so friend don"t need to do any fancy work to gain it. I extremely suggest you usage this crate to get Crate 47 as well, due to the fact that it"s so surrounding and needs the laser or the laser network glitch. Crate 43 will certainly be in the gated area because that the taking as well.
39Grenade pistol (x3), Spoiler (x4), Spotlight (x3), Rust BinOne of the crates the you should"ve performed the Laser network Glitch on in ~ the begin of the game. It"s phibìc of Bottles, that is eastern of the key square.
40Large Engine, huge Fuel, big Propeller (x2), conventional Wing (x2)You may have actually noticed a giant laser grid at the northernmost point of Showdown Town, behind Klungo"s Arcade. There"s an underwater tunnel blocked by steel bars a little bit to the eastern of Klungo"s Arcade. Normally, you require a certain upgrade to get past them, however you can actually swim past the bars top top the much left and make that inside. There"s a move in over there that will let you turn the laser grid turn off for good.
41Foldy Propeller (x2), medium Fuel, FreezeezyBring things in your trolley to float with and also go west that the warp panel because that Uptown to find a small castle. Hover to the top, deactivate the laser v the move on height of the castle, and also pick it up from the ground. Shot to usage this crate to attain Crate 46.
42Grenade Turret, High tight Wheel (x4), big Ammo, Armor (x16)Bring an item in her trolley to hover with and go west the the warp panel because that Uptown to uncover a little castle. Float to the top, deactivate the laser with the move on height of the castle, and pick this crate up just to the north of the switch. Try to usage this crate to obtain Crate 46.
43Small Jet, tool Ammo, Sinker (x2)Hover v Crate 38 (or something else) to obtain into the gated area in Uptown the easiest way possible. This crate will be sit on the highest grassy area.
44Small Jet (x2), Grenade Turret, Foldy Propeller (x2)This crate is in a laser grid come the southwest that Mumbo"s Motors. You should"ve currently glitched this crate out of the grid it"s trapped behind in the gaining Started page. If not, girlfriend could constantly glitch it out whenever friend can, or use the laser favor you"re supposed to.
45Large Jet, Torpedile, feather (x4)This is one more crate stuck within a laser fence. Friend should"ve acquired this one currently as well. Bring an additional Mumbo Crate approximately the area above the boathouse v you to make the glitch an ext successful. I had some trouble obtaining this the way described in the obtaining Started page; you could want to collection the trolley up and enter any kind of level, then come back to Showdown Town.
46Large Propeller (x2), big Box, large EngineBring an object in your trolley to hover with and go west the the warp panel for Uptown to discover a little castle. Hover to the top, deactivate the laser through the switch on peak of the castle, and use the Laser grid Glitch to get the crate out. Or use a laser later.
47Large Jet (x2), big Fuel, huge Ammo, LaserThis crate is behind a laser grid, under the gated area in Uptown. I extremely suggest you use Crate 38 to gain this one, because it"s appropriate there anyway.
48Super Cube (x50), supervisor Wedge (x50), Super edge (x50), super Pole (x50), supervisor L-Pole (x50), super T-Pole (x50), Super panel (x50), supervisor L-Panel (x50), supervisor T-Panel (x50)A ghost is protecting this crate, i m sorry lays on the roof of the building for Nutty acres Act 5. You"ll need the horn to obtain the ghost come move.
49Super Wheel (x8)A ghost is protecting this crate, i beg your pardon lays high increase on a walkway in the theater where the LOGBOX 720 doors are. You"ll need the horn to acquire the ghost come move.
50Super Seat, super Fuel (x2)Another crate blocked by a ghost. This one is ~ above the tower on a hill southern of the lighthouse, therefore you can use the spring to obtain up come it. You can"t get this crate without the horn.

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51Super Engine, supervisor Ammo (x2)This last crate is in the gated circle in Uptown, and likewise requires the horn. Ghosts space so stubborn.