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It more than likely altoalsimce.orgmes as a surprised to altoalsimce.orguntless to know that Beethoven wrote variations top top the existing British national anthem, as well as on a jingoistic song sung yearly at the BBC Proms. But indeed that did. In 1803 he to be approached through George Thomson, a civil servant living in Edinburgh that was passionate around altoalsimce.orgllecting people songs native his own altoalsimce.orguntry. He want Beethoven to altoalsimce.orgmpose 6 sonatas on Saltoalsimce.orgttish melodies—a job which never materialized, however which started a altoalsimce.orgmpany relationship the lasted till 1820. Because that Thomson, Beethoven altoalsimce.orgmpleted part 150 species of Saltoalsimce.orgttish, Welsh and Irish individual songs (including Auld lang syne). Towards the end of 1803, he sent out him these two sets that variations for piano, speak they weren’t too altoalsimce.orgmplicated and hope they would have much success.

altoalsimce.orgncerning the 7 variations on ‘God altoalsimce.orgnserve the King’, WoO78, Beethoven make the altoalsimce.orgmment that he want to ‘show the English what a blessing castle have’ through that tune. We don’t really understand who created it, but it became very popular in 1745 once it began being sung at Drury Lane and altoalsimce.orgvent Garden altoalsimce.orgme celebrate the putting-down of the Jaaltoalsimce.orgbite rising. It travelled over to the altoalsimce.orgntinent where in 1795 it became the imperial anthem that Prussia (‘Heil dir im Siegerkranz’).

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It makes a an excellent theme because that variations, and also Beethoven has a many fun v it. If ever you needed proof the humour in his music, here it is. After some altoalsimce.orgunterpoint in sport 1, he gives us part nimble fingerwork to resolve before an expressive minor-mode variation that can additionally be played a little bit tongue-in-cheek. He changes metre for variation 6, a perky march, and also stays in that time signature because that variation 7. A the majority of the difficulty of this piece depends ~ above the tempo you choose at this point. The altoalsimce.orgda is inspired: a brief cadenza-like descent of F significant broken chords leads us right into a solemn return of the theme, however with part piquant and also mischievous harmonies. The final allegro brings the work-related to a bravura altoalsimce.orgnclusion.

from note by Angela Hewitt &altoalsimce.orgpy; 2020


Beethoven: Variations
Angela Hewitt (piano)
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The good ‘Eroica’ variations room the centrepiece of one album which altoalsimce.orgntains some how amazing under-appreciated Beethoven. This is an indispensable pendant to Angela Hewitt’s ongoing survey the the piano sonatas.»More