Lucas Oil stadium is situated in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana and is residence to the Indianapolis Colts. Through a volume of 63,000 pan this is one of the best atmosphere’s in the NFL.

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There is not a negative seat in the house and also the retractable roof bring the group noise come a new level therefore you’ll have the ability to experience the craziness of Colts fans. The stadion is within walking distance to virtually 50 restaurants and also bars for fans come enjoy prior to or ~ the game. A bonus for the stadium is that it features complimentary WiFi and also fans can download an application to obtain real-time statistics.


Best seat Money have the right to Buy

Club Level 1: 100 Level

Sections: 112-114 and also 139-141
View From ar 113

The society Level 1 at the 100 level seats room as close together you can obtain to the action. These incredible seats provide you padded 21″ seats with extra foot room, accessibility to the benefit and Faegre Baker Daniels society Lounges and also much more. The 112-114 sections are behind the tourists bench and the 139-141 part are appropriate behind the Colts bench. Rumor has actually it that plenty of of the players and also coaches wives and also friends sit in this seats. Girlfriend won’t be disappointed with these tickets!

Most Popular 

Club Level 1: 200 Level

Sections: 212-214 and 239-241
View From section 213

The 200 level club level 1 seat are remarkable seats however aren’t as expensive together sitting at the 100 level. These significant seats give you padded 21″ seats with extra leg room, access to the benefit and Faegre Baker Daniels society Lounges and also much more. Friend won’t be disappointed v these seats! with these tickets you’ll have made to order food right in front of you, so you can see her meals gift prepared. Additionally the line because that the hygiene is not close to as long as the rest of the stadium due to the fact that the society level has their own.

Most well-known On A Budget

Club Level 2

Sections: 312-314, 339-341, 412-414, 439-441
View From ar 413

The society Level 2 chair are located on both the 300 and 400 level sidelines. Over there is no a bad seat in the stadium so you can’t go wrong v sitting here and also saving a small money in ~ the same time! You’ll tho have terrific view that the field and also be able come see whatever that’s happening. These seats are still broad padded seats so you’ll have actually plenty of room.

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Just obtain Me In The Door

Terrace Level

Sections: 610-616 and also 637-643
View From section 613

View From ar 613

It’s said that there isn’t a poor seat in Lucas Oil stadium so if you’re just wanting to suffer the environment of Colts fans the 600 level sideline seats space a an excellent option. They won’t expense you also much and also you’ll still have an significant time the town hall the team play. These seats aren’t too high increase in the stadium and give you fantastic vantage allude of the whole field so you can absolutely see the all.