We space wondering what is the quickest means to obtain from key West to brand-new Orleans through a car? I recognize its around 16 hrs to drive but is over there a ferry that us can catch anywhere to shorten the trip?

Sorry, no ferries to shorten the trip. (Traveling directly by water would certainly actually take much longer than 16 hrs unless you had actually one of the America"s Cup yachts.)

The shortest travel path is together follows:

Get on united state Hwy 1 in key West and also head north because that 125 miles throughout the Florida keys (islands).

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Get on the homestead Extention the the Florida Turnpike (state roadway 821).

Go 46 miles, then gain on the main portion of the Florida Turnpike (Hwy 91N). Stay on this because that 262 mile (where the turnpike ends) and also then get on interstate Hwy 75 heading north.

Stay top top I-75 because that 107 miles, then leave onto federal government Hwy 10 heading west.

Stay top top I-10 because that 480 miles and also you will certainly be in brand-new Orleans.

Note: over there is a $25 toll fee for acquisition the Florida turnpike (the highways called 821 and 91N). If you don"t want to pay the tolls, then you will have to proceed on us 1 north to federal government 95 north until you obtain to Jacksonville (or take it my desired cheap route--see my PS below). In Jacksonville, you gain on interstate 10 West to new Orleans. This means won"t price you any kind of tolls, yet it is almost exactly a 4 hour much longer drive (the short means is 16 hours, the long way 20 hours). I indicate paying the toll and also saving the 4 hours.

P.S. One other option to save some money (and the course I would certainly recommend) is come take united state Hwy 1 to interstate 95 and then take this as far north as Cocoa Beach, then head west on state highway 482, obtain on the Beeline Expressway, then gain on the Florida turnpike. This is just a half-hour longer than the shortest route (16 1/2 hours full drive), however will price you just $5 in tolls--and that (like the original route) will additionally take you practically right past the Walt Disney resort if you wish to avoid off there and see one or much more of the parks (definitely precious the visit, if you have actually the extra time). Also, this course I"m recommending (the Cocoa beach one) takes you close to the an are Launch center also if you desire to see it. Proceeding on the path through Jacksonville will take you out of the method of Walt Disney World--although you can take just a short detour if you desire to watch the space center. The only thing of interest on that route is Daytona Beach--where they organize the renowned Nascar Dayton 500 race--and where they have actually a wild spring break in the month the May.

Enjoy her trip--and the drive.


Hey many thanks for her help... We have been told about a boat from fort myers to key west, would you know anything around that?

our plans room miami, an essential west, tampa, brand-new orleans...would that be worth while control to and also parking in fort myers indigenous miami to record the ferry to crucial west, or just drive it all?

That"s the key West Express, however it"s $86 disagreement one method for an adult and also you miss out on a beautiful course anyway! and also not sure about cars permitted on board..


There is another possibility by the way, taking about 1 hour much more (50-60 miles) and also that"s taking the Highway 90/41 (Tamiami Trail) or the I-75 (less scenic) v the Everglades and then follow the westcoast follow me Naples, fort Myers and also Tampa, if you prefer that area for a visit or stopover.


One last thing I should mention for fishermen/women on the site:

If you are in the keys during the might to July period, the fishing because that tarpon (giant fish that average roughly 75-100 pounds each) is fantastic. Go to either Long vital or Duck crucial (about halfway down the island chain) and also fish top top a boat right close to one the the bridges). (Sail out from the hawks Cay Marina).

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Tarpon room a an excellent tasting fish. Castle taste a lot choose halibut. Not certain how many of you there room in your team (so eat a 100 lb fish may not it is in in the plan), but you can also do a "catch and also release" simply for the fun of the fishing. This is a famous option for those that go come the Keys;--especially for those who are there greatly to find their "Margaritaville" (listen to the track by Jimmy Buffet) or "Kokomo" (listen to the track by the coast Boys).