"To me, comes from you girlfriend is a 4 letter word. End is the only part of words That i heard. Speak to me morbid or absurd yet to me, coming from you friend is a four letter word.

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But come me, comes from you friend is a four letter word. Finish is the only component of words That i heard call me morbid or absurd. However to me, coming from you girlfriend is a 4 letter word.

When ns go fishing because that the words, i am wishing you would certainly say come me- I'm really only praying the the native you'll soon be saying can betray the means you feel around me.

But to me, coming from you girlfriend is a four letter word."

This track is by the band Cake. I've googled the meaning and it arrays from human being interpreting it as a breakup wherein the girl simply wants to be friends, a friendship where the girl only ever before wants to be friends, a monster miscommunication, that no being in a romantic relationship with her is together insulting together a an adverse four-letter word. Any one know?

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Stumbled ~ above this after I had the exact same question.

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Apparently the term 4 letter word is offered to signify swear words since many room 4 letters.

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