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Onions med our recipes v their irresistibly sweet, smoky aroma and also it is straightforward to buy more than you can reasonably use. If you are wondering ‘does onion walk bad?’ this post will describe everything you need to know consisting of shelf life and also tips ~ above making her onions critical longer.

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Does Onion walk Bad?

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Many human being tend come think the onions, through their challenging skin, carry out not go poor or in ~ least deserve to go for years without spoiling.

The reality is, onions have the right to go negative if they are not save in the ideal conditions and also if they stay unused for as well long. Humidity is onions’ best enemy. Even if it is you save them in the pantry or fridge, entirety or cut, onions will lose their freshness quick if they acquire into contact with any kind of kind the moisture.

We’ll learn more about methods to save them, however first, let’s take a look in ~ the shelf life of onions.

How long Does Onion Last?

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How long onions last relies on exactly how they are stored, their age, and whether they space whole, cut, or cooked.

Whole onions can last as much as 3 months as lengthy as they are stored in a cool, dry, and also dark place, preferably in the pantry. But, when onions are preserved too long, even in the right conditions, lock will begin to dried up and will ultimately shrivel.

You should still be able to eat old onions but chances are great that you’d have to discard numerous layers prior to getting come the fresher core.

You can keep totality onions in the fridge for around 1-2 months yet this can not it is in the best use of refrigerator space. Also, in the fridge, they can quickly get moisture and will go poor pretty rapid from there.

Cut onions have actually an even much shorter shelf life and also will stay in the refrigerator for around 1 week prior to their quality starts to deteriorate. For ideal results, you need to store reduced onions in one airtight container and limit the variety of times you open up the container.

Storing reduced onions in the freezer can extend their life expectations by 5-8 months but they will become soft and also soggy as soon as they thaw.

Lastly, if you chef your onions, mean them to last 2-3 job in the refrigerator after which lock will begin to spoil.

Onion Shelf Life


Pantry Fridge Freezer
Whole onions1-3 months1-2 months

Cut onions

1 week5-8 months
Cooked onions2-3 days


4 advice To phone call If Onion has Gone Bad

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Whether entirety or cut, there space a few unmissable indicators of a poor onion. Below is what come look the end for:

1. Discoloration

The an initial sign the onion is going poor is the development of black color or brown point out on the outer skin. This happens when entirety onions have actually stayed also long. Unless it is squishy and also smelly, the probably has a couple of days before you can discard it. Us recommend peeling, cut out any discolored spots in the inside layer, and also using up the onions as shortly as possible.

2. Mold

Mold is a standard sign that spoilage in any kind of food, consisting of onions. Mold will type on the surface ar of onions that have actually been exposed to moisture.

But, before you throw out molding onions, check for other indications of spoilage such as discoloration, an turn off smell, and also squishiness.

If the is just mold, girlfriend can extend the shelf life of the onions by wiping off the mold utilizing a dried cloth and also storing it in the fridge until you are ready to use. The is finest to usage molding onions quickly or rather they will collect humidity in the fridge and begin the disk process.

3. Smell

Whole or cut onions have actually a unique smell. An onion that starts to smell off will certainly usually have other indications of spoilage including discoloration, leaking, and also feeling soft to the touch. In this case, the is time for those onions come go.

Cut onions that have been left the end at room temperature because that over two hours may not display the classic signs of spoilage yet it is ideal to discard if they have actually not to be refrigerated for that long.

Cooked onions that have gone poor will have actually a fishy smell and also look slimy. We do not recommend tasting cooked onions that space over 3 days old.

4. Drying and sprouting

When onions remain in the pantry too lengthy they might start to sprout and also there is nothing wrong v eating the onion. However, quickly after sprouting, the onion may end up being squishy and also then begin to shrivel up and it will have lost its freshness.

5 tips To keep Onion

Like many fresh vegetables, onions must be save on computer in the right environment to keep peak freshness.

Follow these advice on how finest to keep your onions to get the most out the them:

1. Save them away from moisture

Moisture create the perfect reproduction ground because that bacteria and also mold. If you desire your onions come last for months, save them in a dried pantry. Avoid maintaining onions in other common storage locations such together under the sink or in the basement whereby it is humid and damp.

2. Gain the temperature right

Although we carry out not think much about it, a small temperature distinction is all it takes for onions to go bad. The right temperature selection for storing them is 40-50OF. As well hot and the onions start sprouting and drying or also cold and they lose their hardness, discolor and also become moldy.

3. Save away from various other foods

Have you ever before wondered why fruit and also vegetables as soon as stored with each other in close quarters ripen for this reason fast? This happens due to the fact that of ethylene, a ripening chemistry compound discovered in part foods.

In particular, shot to save onions separately from potatoes, tomatoes, apples, melons, and also bananas. Ethylene native these foods items will ripen the onions, bring about them to become mushy.

4. Refrigerate

Sliced or chopped onions lend themselves well to refrigeration contrasted to entirety onions. In fact, you need to avoid storing uncut onions in the fridge—the coolness will reason them to shed their crunch and also they will eventually become too soggy to fairly use in the kitchen.

Use a slicer or food processor to reduced your onions into tiny bits. Then, fill the cut up onions in freezer bags in tiny portions that deserve to be supplied in one go. Flatten each freezer bag to eliminate air bubbles and to do it less complicated to ridge them in the freezer.

5. Usage the right packaging

Onions come in those meshed bags for a reason—to ensure adequate airflow and keep humidity at bay. If save on computer in the pantry, onions have to be kept in this meshed bags or a brown bag through a couple of holes in it. Prevent keeping totality onions in plastic bags wherein they will certainly accumulate moisture and eventually walk bad.

The threat of consuming Expired Onion

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Eating onions that have gone poor is no a great idea. First, moldy, smelly, squishy, or discolored onions will certainly mess increase the flavor and also aroma of any recipe.

In enhancement to this, like any kind of other necessary food, bad onions deserve to be a breeding ground because that harmful bacteria. In one instance, the Centers for disease Control and also Prevention recalled onions contaminated v the salmonella bacteria.

Salmonella is a leading reason of food poising and also people infected through the bacteria may build stomach ache, fever, and diarrhea. These symptoms can last up to one week. Children, the elderly, and those v a weak immune system are more likely to have a serious condition caused by eat contaminated onions.

Can You frozen Onion?

If you have too numerous onions top top hand or you just want come prepare them ahead, freezing could be a great idea.

Frozen onions deserve to keep approximately eight months but expect lock to shed their crunchiness and distinctive odor if you store them this way for as well long. That is ideal to freeze onions no much longer than one month particularly if you still desire some crunch in them as soon as thawed.

Follow this steps and tips to freeze her onions:

Peel and slice or chop. Carry out not freeze whole onions—they can not withstand incredibly cold temperatures and will turn into a squishy messy upon thawing. A neat cheat is to cut up the onions right into thick slices to save them from ending up being too mushy when thawed.Store the onions in freezer bags in small portions that have the right to be supplied in one go. Onions carry out not refreeze also well. Be certain to squeeze out as lot air as feasible to ensure the the onions remain dry. Location in the freezer till you are ready to use.Try to use the frozen onions in no more than three months for maximum flavor.

Once thawed, you have the right to use your pre-cut onions in stews, because that sautéing, and even as a pizza topping.


Compared to various other vegetables, onions are rather hardy. Save under the appropriate conditions, they deserve to maintain optimal freshness for numerous months.

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Still, you should constantly keep one eye the end for indications of spoilage since one poor onion have the right to quickly influence the rest of the bunch. Remember to instantly refrigerate reduced onions and to discard any type of that have actually been the end too lengthy or shed their freshness.