Does the death Note ultimately run out of pages? Or if pages room being ripped out perform they magically re-appear later? I've just been the town hall the show. Has actually it been referenced in the manga?


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Some rules have actually been changed in how to Read, from what was pointed out in the manga. Because that instance, Sidoh states that because that him to gain his notebook back, he had to wait for the owner come die, or usage up all of the pages, whereas in how to Read, it states that there room an countless amount the pages in the fatality Note.

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Probably not. The shinigami have actually lived a long time, and to get that quantity of life, they more than likely needed to write numerous names in the Note, making the unlikely the they can run out. Alternatively, they're given brand-new Notes once they operation out through God or whoever the is that presides end them(It's stated in the an initial episode, ns think.) No idea about human users, though.

Not necessarily. Say they take twenty years for every name, use one line every name? the is a century in just 5 lines.

Modern Humans have actually been roughly for ~200,000 years. 5*2,000= 10,000 lines. To speak there room 30 lines every page, the equals around 333 pages twin sided. Suspect Shimigami have actually been about for that long and also that only use a single name every line.

So really if they execute run out, the would just be every couple of thousand years.

Edit: It would certainly be 333 pages single sided, for this reason ~166 pages double sided.

I yes, really wish people would actually read the exactly how to use rules, practically every concern that it s okay posted right here is explicitly answered in Ryuk's rules.

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No, it never ever runs out of pages

But just how does that job-related out of curiosity. Perform the pages just include themselves come said book ? (And if so wouldn't the death note become massive ?£ carry out the earliest offered pages wipe us clean to allow much more names to be created ? So numerous questions...


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