If you"re asking if you have the right to bake a cake in that aluminum tin since you"re wonder if it"s safe, then the prize is yes. It states Lasagna Pan ~ above the label, as in you"re supposed to roasted a lasagna in it. No reason why a cake would be dangerous. Ns imagine you"d it is in baking the cake at a reduced temp than a lasagna.

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You"d want to worry around the cake difficult to the political parties maybe. You"d additionally want come account because that the fact that the pan is thinner and heat deliver would be various (altoalsimce.org times and also temperatures could need to be adjusted).


Given the they sell pans the are similar in all respects other than for being smaller for the certain purpose of baking cakes in them, I"m not certain what possible trouble you"re anticipating.

Because that the large size of the lasagna pan, you might end up v a diluent layer of batter 보다 you"d obtain in a cake pan; if so, mitigate the baking time accordingly.

As mentioned by others, the slim aluminum will move heat quicker than a thicker and/or non-aluminum pan would, so you might need to alleviate the oven temperature a bit.

The non-smooth political parties seem like they chandelier to reason sticking, but in actual practice, as long as you prepare the pans accordingly for her cake altoalsimce.org recipes (butter & flour vs. Butter only), friend shouldn"t have any problem.


Yes, you deserve to use an aluminum pan because that lasagna, yet you should include one or 2 Wilton cake "heating cores" or a Wilton cake "nails" in the middle. Google these items at Wilton. Prepare them by using shortening and also flour. Change oven temperature under 15-25° and add 15-30 min come your chef time. Begin monitoring the after the consistent cook time approaches.



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