If you’ve ever dealt with dry hair however don’t have any kind of hair moisturizer top top hand, you’ve probably taken into consideration other options.

In a pinch, skin lotion may seem prefer the perfect equipment to regain moisture to her thirsty curls, being the it feel slippery and also has moisturizing properties. But is lotion it s okay for your hair?

In this article, we’ll address that question and also more.

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Can You placed Lotion in her Hair?

You can use odor on her hair; however, human body lotion is no designed for your hair. We love the idea that multi-use products, together they enable us to save money and also space, yet some things need to be used only for their particular purposes.

Body lotion is recipe to moisturize your skin transparent the day, and its ingredient reflect that. Your hair’s physical makeup is really different from your skin’s makeup, which is why girlfriend shouldn’t usage skin lotion for your hair.

This advice uses regardless that hair type and consists all varieties of lotions. Us don’t recommend utilizing any kind of scent on her hair uneven it’s especially formulated because that hair care.

This consists of baby lotion, cocoa butter lotion, Jergens lotion, Cetaphil lotion, Calamine lotion, and other hand lotions that aren’t formulated for hair treatments.

Common human body Lotion Ingredients and also Their Effects


Body lotions regularly contain ingredients that are great for maintaining your skin moisturized, yet they may not occupational for her hair. Several of the ingredients the you’ll find in lotions include:

Mineral oil – This ingredient is fantastic at combating dry skin. But, as soon as mineral oil is used to your hair, it deserve to easily cause buildup and also make her hair difficult to moisturize. This can lead to hair damage and also breakage.Fragrances – numerous lotions contain synthetic fragrances the can reason scalp irritation. Some manufacturers additionally use man-made scents come cover up other smelly ingredients, which could be harmful.Lanolin – Lanolin is another ingredient often discovered in lotions. It’s a heavyweight skin protectant. However, if it comes in contact with her hair, not only will you have actually a goopy mess on her hands, yet you may end up with stubborn buildup on her hair and scalp.Parabens, DMDM Hydantoin, BHA – These other ingredients show up in human body lotions to stabilize the product or extend its shelf-life. Though this ingredients won’t necessarily injury your hair, they have the right to negatively influence your health.

This is not an exhaustive perform of problematic ingredient you may find in lotions. Other lotion ingredients have the right to leave her hair looking greasy.

Some of our research argues that certain chemicals in scent can cause premature graying, back we’ve no been able to check the veracity the this claim.

So, if her lotion contains any type of of the ingredients detailed above, you may want to avoid by the store and also pick increase a moisturizer designed specifically for hair care.Some an excellent options incorporate shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, hair milk, hair mask, and also other daily conditioners.

Not all Lotions are produced Equal

It’s important to keep in mind that no all lotions are created equal. There are some lotions out there that space chock complete of difficult ingredients that will suffocate and buildup on your hair strands.

But, ~ above the other hand, there room some just formulated lotions that will be free of ingredient that’ll harm your hair. So, us recommend that you look at the ingredient list on her lotion to see if it’s it s okay to apply lotion to her hair.

Try scent in a Pinch


In some cases, you might be out and about with a lion’s mane of frizz and also some scent you uncovered lying around.

If so, you’ll want to limit body lotion consumption on your hair. It’s not the finest idea, yet it’s certainly much better than having actually no product ~ above hand.

If you have absolutely nothing else to tame her frizzy hair and get you through the day, you have the right to use scent in a pinch.

If you decide to perform so, use the following tips to minimization the danger of hair damage:

Check the packaging and also make certain that no one of the over ingredients are present. If lock are, you’ll need to decide even if it is you desire to take it the hazard and try it on her hair.Use just as much lotion together you need to make your hair look at presentable. Us recommend starting with a dime-sized amount and also applying the odor to dry hair. Just in case your lotion has some ingredients that aren’t an excellent for her hair, us recommend that you minimization the amount girlfriend use.

If you plan on using lotion on her hair ~ above an recurring basis, keep an eye on her hair’s health.

If her hair ever before becomes difficult to manage and feels coated in something, clean your hair completely with a deep cleansing shampoo come remove any type of buildup.

And if you doubt that the lotion is to blame, switch the end that scent for one more one or use a product formulated because that hair.

Lotion Alternatives


When you don’t have hair products, body and also hand lotion space not the only options to try. Below are some alternatives to consider:


You’d it is in surprised through the an excellent things an excellent ole’ H₂O deserve to do for your hair. If you’re managing frizz, you can include some water to her hair and also use her fingers to smooth it out.

This works especially well if you already have gel or moisturizer in her hair, as the water will assist to reactivate the product that’s currently in her hair.

If your hair feels dry, spray it down through water come moisturize it until you can obtain your hands on some moisturizing products.

Olive Oil

Most that us have actually olive oil in our kitchen cabinets. To add some humidity to her thirsty strands, spray your hair down through some water, dispense the oil into the palm of her hands, obstacle them together, and also then use the oil to your hair. The oil will give your hair a little bit of hydration.

Lotions for your Hair and Body


If you desire to usage lotion on her hair to save money and decrease the variety of self-care commodities you use, this section is because that you!

There are lotions the end there the you deserve to use because that both your hair and also skin, and also we’ll re-superstructure a couple of with girlfriend below.

Take your pick of among the over moisturizers to store both her skin and also hair healthy and also happy.Just store in psychic that applying body lotion to your is no recommended and should just be provided in a pinch.


Now you recognize that friend shouldn’t usage body lotion on her hair uneven you have actually no various other choice. If you’re a rebel and want to provide lotion a try, minimize the lot you usage as lot as possible. Too lot lotion will likely result in hair problems.

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If you prefer the idea of using lotion on your hair, shot a hair and body lotion native this article. Us hope that this short article is useful to you on your herbal hair journey.