The Brimhaven dungeon is located just south-west that Brimhaven, and also is packed through heaps the combat training areas. A preview that the monsters found in the dungeon are; Wild dogs, Moss giants, Fire giants, better demons, baby red dragons, Red dragons, bronze dragons, steel dragons, and also Steel dragons. Saniboch, the bad bloke, stand guard over the entrance, and also demands that you salary 875gp to enter. Level 15 Agility, is required to do your way through the dungeon.

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The steel dragons (steel, iron, and also bronze) are an extremely powerful, each holding the capability to crush you, or also burn you into the ground, and as such, need a great deal that skill and also internal fortitude to death effectively.

To start with, you need any form of hatchet and also at the very least 935gp. The money is for the watercraft ride to and also from Brimhaven, and also to pay Saniboch, if the hatchet is supplied to chop the vines in ~ the dungeon. The require for armour, weapons, food, and potions, differ from level to level, and also are dependant on what NPC you intended to train on.

With the upgrade of the Brimhaven dungeon come the next component in the dragon armour series: Dragon platelegs. Shortly after come the next component of dragon armour; the Dragon plateskirt. Steel dragons additionally drop these.

Dragon PlatelegsDragon PlateskirtDefence Bonus
Stab: +68Magic: -4Slash: +68Crush: +65Range: +64
2.0 - Location

As said prior to the new Karamja dungeon have the right to be uncovered south-west that Brimhaven, close to a tribal camp.


The most efficient method to arrive at Saniboch, is one of two people to record the boat from Ardougne come Brimhaven, or use a Glory amulet come teleport come N. Karamja. Tribesmen can poison, so, if you are below level 64, do not forget to lug an anti poison potion, or shot very difficult to prevent them. Speak come Saniboch, and pay him 875gp (Picture).

Brimhaven dungeon ,.::;" complete map

3.0 - Monsters

Inside the Brimhaven dungeon, there space nine varieties of creatures, all found in order of difficulty. Wild dogs roam the entire dungeon, through the exemption of the Steel and also Iron dragon lair. Below is a thorough listing of the creatures, your training efficiency, and strategies on just how to death them.

Entering the dungeon for the an initial time, you will certainly be in a huge area. Go south and you will certainly be at part vines. Chop with them through your hatchet, and proceed onwards, via direction that the map below.


Key:Green: Moss giants (level 42), dead end.Blue: Both the blue passageways will certainly take you additional into the dungeon.The southern-most one goes on to Fire giants, black color demons, steel dragons, iron dragons, and Bronze dragons.The western course goes come Moss giants, better demons, and also Fire giants.

Bronze dragon
Attack Style:Melee, magic and also range
Examine:Its scales seem to it is in made of bronze.
Where Found:Brimhaven dungeon, east of the black demons
Drops:Dragon bones, bronze bar(5), Clue scroll (level-3), Adamant javelin (30), fatality runes (25), Rune knives (2), rune longsword, heart runes (3), Adamant bar (1), Adamant darts(p) (16), regulation runes (10), Fire runes (50), Adamant bar, Swordfish (2), uncut Gems, fifty percent keys, Shield left half, Adamant platebody, Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Dragon Medium.
Tactic:Bronze dragon aren"t too bad to train on. You can attain about 31,200 combat XP, 10,374 fight points XP and 4,320 prayer XP every hour, death one per minute.
Notes:Bronze dragons have a solid fire-breath and also melee abilities. They room able to hit approximately 20 through melee, and also even greater with their magic-based firebreath. In spite of this, safeguard from magic isn"t 100% effective against their breath.
Iron dragon
Attack Style:Melee; Ranged
Examine:Its scales seem to be made that iron.
Where Found:Brimhaven Dungeon
Drops:Adamant two Handed Sword, Adamant Hatchet, Adamant Battleaxe, Adamant Kiteshield, Adamant Square Shield, Adamant Bar (2), Clue scroll , Coins (270), Curry (2), death Rune (15), Nature Rune (67), regulation Rune (10-45), spirit (3), Blood Rune (10-30), Dragon dagger, Dragon med helmet, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Plateskirt, Dragon Spear, Dragon Stone, fifty percent of Key, Mithril darts (5), Rune Axe, Rune battleaxe, Rune darts (9), Rune darts

(9), Rune Javelins (4), Rune knife (2-7), Rune medium helmet, Rune square shield, Runite Bar, Dragon shield left half, Super assault potion, Super toughness Potion, Adamant Bolts, jewel (Sapphire-Diamond), Dragon skeleton (100%)

Tactic:Melee or Mage
Notes:Anti Fire Breath potions and also shield space a must.
Steel dragon
Attack Style:Melee, magic and also range
Examine:Its scales seem to it is in made of steel.
Where Found:Brimhaven dungeon, south of the black demons
Drops:Dragon bones, stole bars (5), Coins (30-3,000), Super attack potion (3x dose), supervisor defence medicine (2x dose), Super strength potion (1x dose), Adamant kiteshield, Clue role (level-3), Rune javelin (7), Rune darts (8), Rune darts(p) (12), Rune velvet (7), Blood runes (20), Rune full helm, soul runes (5), Runite bar, Runite crossbow limbs, Rune mace, Rune platebody, Rune sq shield, Rune kiteshield, uncut Gems, half keys, Shield left half, Dragon spear, Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Dragon tool Helmet.
Tactic:These are far too powerful to be efficient training. It"s better to try and kill the stole dragons because that dragon platelegs and plateskirt, unless you"re end level 110.
Notes:Steel dragons have actually a strong fire-breath and melee abilities. They room able to hit approximately 20 through melee, and even higher with their magic-based firebreath. Despite this, safeguard from magic isn"t 100% effective against their breath.
NameCombat levelHitpointsLocation in Dungeon
Moss Giant4260From entrance: South-west, and also west passagewayFrom entrance: phibìc passageway
Wild Dogs6363Everywhere except for the Steel and Iron Dragons" lair
Baby Red Dragon6568North that the black demons and steel/iron dragons. South-west the the copper dragons
Fire Giant86113From entrance: take it the west path, increase the stairs, and head north.From entrance: take it south-west route over stepping stones, southerly passage, come wild dogs and fire giants
Greater Demon9291From entrance: take it the western path, up the stairs room the better Demons
Red Dragon152145North that the black demons andiron/steel dragons.From entrance: South route over lava, southerly path, east, southeast, with the vines, and also over the log.
Black Demon172165North that the Steel/Iron dragons, southern of red dragons (through pipe), east of Fire giants

For those who wish come train variety or mage on the Fire giants or Red dragons, the image below shows for sure spots.


This section explains a tactic for each kind of combat: melee, magic and also ranged. It delineates what levels you have to have, what items you need to bring, and also how to successfully slaughter the dragon of your choice. Ultimately, it"s much better to use an Ectophial come teleport out, as it way one less space, and that friend don"t have to swap to your magic home window to teleport out in an emergency. If you haven"t excellent the Ghosts Ahoy quest, or don"t have actually an Ectophial, simply take a set of Ardougne teleport runes, and remove one piece of food or a potion.


Level 55+ PrayerLevel 75+ AttackLevel 80+ StrengthLevel 75+ fight pointsAverage fight of 20Anti-dragon shieldMonk robesOptional: Warrior helmAlternative: Rune or dragon armourDragon longsword, abyssal whip or dragon battleaxeHoly symbolAlternative: Amulet the gloryRing the wealthGod cape, Cape of legends or Obsidian capeMetal gloves and boots
1,000gpWoodcut axeEctophial6x Prayer regain potions (4-dose)Optional: 1x supervisor attack and also strength potion (4-dose)8x Anti-firebreath potions (4-dose)9x Lobsters, Swordfish or Sharks

Using melee to fight steel dragons deserve to be quite financially rewarding if you deserve to defeat castle successfully and also efficiently. You may end up security upwards the 500,000gp on items to battle these beasts, however eventually you need to receive other worthwhile such as dragon platelegs.

To begin, just make certain your dragonfire shield is equipped, that you have full prayer points, and that you can teleport the end if necessary. Once you"ve confirm these three things, do your means to a part of the metal dragons lair and also hide there till one appears for you. Prior to attacking, drink a dose of anti-firebreath potion, and turn on protect from melee. As soon as you"ve excellent this, walk ahead and also attack. Make sure that you proceed to watch your prayer draining, and also replenish it once it goes below 10 point out or so. Additionally watch out for the message that tells you as soon as your anti-firebreath potion has actually run out.


Level 75+ MagicAnti-dragon shieldMystic robes, boots and also glovesAlternative: Chaos gauntlets instead of mystic glovesElemental battlestaff Amulet that gloryRing of wealthGod cape, Cape that legends or Obsidian cape
1,000gpWoodcut axeEctophial3,000-5,000 chaos runes12,000-20,000 fire runes20-50 nature runes12x Anti-firebreath potions (4-dose)8x Lobsters, Swordfish or SharksChaos gauntlets (optional)

To start with, was standing in among the tiny inset locations that can be found roughly the border the the cave. Girlfriend will find that a dragon will certainly not wait because that you to gain ready, and also instead will offer you a blast the its firebreath. Therefore, make certain that you"re all set with your spell auto-cast set. Also, just prior to attacking, or just after a battle commences, drink a sheep of anti-firebreath potion. That is likewise advisable the you make sure you have actually the "Auto-Retalliate" alternative enabled.


If you"re comfortably concealed from the dragon melee range, you should never be hit when the anti-firebreath potion is still in effect. When the time comes that the dragon is hitting you, simply drink an additional dose of her potion.

You need to be most likely to obtain a dragon drop for about every 3,000 bolt spells fired. Periodically you may not get one, and also sometimes you may get much more than one; it"s the luck of the draw. Girlfriend should likewise receive about 20,000-30,000 magic experience per 1,000 bolt spells fired, however this all counts on your magic level, and also how lucky you are. Also, friend should end up only having to use about 12 doses of anti-firebreath potion per 1,000 bolt spells cast.


Level 70+ RangedFull black color d"hide and also archers helmOptional: Robin hood cap & ranger bootsAnti-dragon shieldIron darts or cram knivesAmulet of gloryRing that wealthGod cape, Cape of legends or Obsidian cape
1,000gpWoodcut axeEctophialTelekinetic take runes5x Ranged potions (4-dose)2x Prayer reclaim potions (4-dose)8x Anti-firebreath potions (4-dose)9x Lobsters, Swordfish or Sharks

Set yourself up in a corner of the area where the steel dragon you room fighting cannot assault you through melee. Drink a sheep of your ranger potion and anti-firebreath potion, then assault the nearest dragon, without moving from her position.Upon death the dragon, usage telekinetic take to collection your forgive darts or cram knives, and any worthwhile rewards that you have room for. That is not advised to undertaking from her safe spot, or you can find you yourself dead.

A: how long you have the right to stay relies on even if it is or not you usage melee, mage or range. Through melee, you can usually continue to be a pair of hours, or about 25-45 dragons. Through magic, around 4,000 chaos runes should see you going because that at least 4 hours.

A: Generally, yes, back it yes, really depends exactly how lucky friend are. There is definitely the potential to make much greater amounts of money off the metal dragon"s drops. It may not seem prefer you"re making money in ~ first, however if you remain there for a few days friend might. It deserve to take all over from 100-400 dragons to be able to get a dragon drop, but it much more than often is precious it because that the experience, also if girlfriend don"t make much profit off a dragon drop.

A: yes it does, as dragon and rune items, along with various other drops, are taken into consideration to be rarely items. The ring of wealth boosts your opportunity at obtaining one of these item by 20%.

A: just like everything rather in RuneScape, the greater level the monster, the greater the chance at getting its rarely drop. Steel dragons will use a lot much more of her runes, however do give much better drops. Although, iron dragons are very close behind, and also yet call for much less runes to kill.

A: It"s as much as you, yet it is a good idea to bring some along. There room a variety of drops, such as rune maces, that you will certainly not want to keep, no one drop either. Taking nature runes permits you to high alch her useless items, leaving room for much more important things.

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A: Yes, yet you need to be really careful not to die with it set out and beware that the dragons fiery breath have the right to break it leading to you to should go get a replacement.